Jessica Chastain reacts to Oscar Isaac’s Red Carpet Viral video

After a viral video showing Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain smelling each other’s armpits on social media, fans have been raving about their connection at the Venice Film Festival’s red carpet.

They were promoting their limited series, “Scenes From A Marriage”, which will be shown at the Venice Film Festival in September 12. Chastain was given a playful glance by Isaac before smelling Chastain’s armpit while they stood for the cameras Saturday. Chastain laughed and cupped his lips in response.

Chastain took to Twitter Monday to vent her frustrations and make fun of the viral video.

She shared a photo of Gomez Addams, from “The Addams Family,” where he can be seen kissing Morticia. Isaac played Gomez in the animated adaptation “The Addams Family.”

Their admirers were shocked by the contact between them. One tweeted, “I know they are married and have children with their separate spouses. Please let me have this.”

One said, “Anyway, watching these two in scenes from marriage is going to crush my, can’t wait until September 12,” another.

One user tried to remind the world about Isaac’s wife’s red carpet appearance by sharing a photo and tweet with the caption, “Come On Brugh!”

Another user on Twitter commented, “I will never not be sad that we aren’t getting an Addams Family live action starring Oscar Isaac & Jessica Chastain.”

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The two of them have been close friends for almost two decades. They met at The Juilliard School in New York as classmates.

Isaac is married to Elvira Lind (a Danish film director). They were married in 2017 after meeting for the first time in 2012. They have two children together.

Chastain, who is married to Gian Lucia Passi de Presulo, a fashion executive. They had their second child in December last year.