Jennifer Aniston believes we should rethink how we see aging. 'Society has placed these expiration dates upon ourselves,' she says.

Jennifer Aniston is an American treasure ever since her role as Rachel on the hit 1990s show Friends has won us hearts. (It’s hard to believe that anyone didn’t have Rachel in the late 1990s. The actress has become a multi-hyphenated producer, creator, and businesswoman since then. She has become a strong advocate for self-care and wellness, as well as nutrition. The award-winning actress and activist now have a new job: Chief Creative Officer at Vital Proteins.

The actress-turned-businesswoman chatted with Yahoo Life about her new role and what she finds most rewarding, how important it is to be mindful, and her thoughts on life.

How has your approach changed as you have grown wiser and lived a more fulfilling life?

I feel more awake now. When we are in our 20s and 30s, so much is taken for granted. Self-care can be likened to “Oh, I’ll go to sleep when I turn 80.” It is important to get enough sleep right now. Start meditating right away. It is important to start being mindful right away. It will show if you don’t start incorporating it into your body as a young person. My older relatives are aging. We can’t escape it. It is universally true for all human beings. No matter how old we get, we don’t have the right to age. You don’t need to live old to thrive.

Jennifer Aniston believes we should rethink how we see aging. 'Society has placed these expiration dates upon ourselves,' she says.

You have also spoken out about society’s messages around aging. What is the need to change?

We have been imposed by society with expiration dates. It’s like saying, “Alright, you’re now this age. Now it’s the time when we let you go to pasture.” You are no longer of any use to society. We have made great strides in science and technology. What was 50 years ago is no longer the case.

Society needs to catch up on the language and the messaging. We need to stop adding ages to people’s names. That is something I don’t understand. I would prefer my height! It’s almost like we have an expiration date on our milk cartons. I think we should figure out how we can re-message that information because I can do what I can today in this body and at this age because of the life I have lived. Now I want to explore more.

What motivated you to accept the Vital Proteins role?

It’s a privilege to be able to participate in it, as I have used it for many years. It is something I believe in. It is important for me that it does the job. My doctor suggested that I try it seven years ago. He said, “Put this in your coffee.” I was like “My coffee is perfect.” He’s right, I don’t want it to ruin things.” I was like, “My coffee is perfect!” Within two months I noticed and felt a significant improvement in my endurance, my workouts, my skin, and my joints. When they approached me about being the CCO, I immediately said yes.

How inspiring is it to be a COO?

It was a wonderful collaboration. What other products might be possible? What do you think these protein bars taste like? What other ingredients could you add to increase nutrition? The creative: How can we communicate the message? It was a great experience to be a part of that campaign and to help with the design. It has been nothing but great.

What brings you joy the most?

My dogs. The sunset. A glass of wine. My friends. My friends are my best friends. I have great female friends and great male friends. I surround myself with beautiful, inspiring people who believe in goodness and promote it everywhere. It is important to surround yourself only with like-minded people. Nothing is more enjoyable to me than spending a Sunday with friends and listening to the children splash in the pool. This is my happy place. And then there’s a taco shop.

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Is there a philosophy that guides your life?

Recognize your gratitude. Although it may sound corny, it is a privilege to get up each morning. Don’t worry about the little things.