Solange Knowles looks like an 'queen" in black lingerie

Solange knows is an art work. The 34-year old singer posted a photo dump to Instagram on Tuesday. It featured two photos of herself posing in front Alison Saar’s artwork. She wore black lingerie and had natural curls. She captioned the photo with a crab emoticon to signify her zodiac sign, Cancer.

The stunning photos stunned fans and celebrities alike.

Tina Knowles, mother Tina Lawson said “Mam”, followed by several flame-and-heart emojis.

Tess Holiday, model wrote “That’s right.”


“Our cancer queen has spoken!” Commenter added.

Solange Knowles looks like an 'queen" in black lingerie

You shine so brightly that there is beauty all around you. I have always found peace in your words and music, someone has praised.

Fans have praised Solange for being a model for self-care because of her carefree attitude and sexiness. Harper’s Bazaar’s 2020 essay featured Solange, who opened up about her “chasing joy” by taking a step back.

She wrote, “Some days were really painful in the stomach.” “Some days were the most wonderful of my life. This was a different kinda joy. It didn’t take long to feel the joy. Joy was the feeling I had after I let go of my secrets. Joy was speaking the truth. Joy was singing a song I didn’t know existed. Joy was on a solo trip, staring at the water, thinking to herself, “Damn, I’m fine.”

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Joy was not having a set time and choosing how to spend my time. Joy was having someone to talk to, who didn’t care what I did, and always encouraging me just to be. Joy was discovery. Joy was seeing someone else’s beautiful worlds and trusting them in the process. Joy was not allowing control to hold you back. Joy was simply sitting. Joy was just sitting and observing how far I’d come. Joy was waving at my shadows. Joy understood that work is never finished, but that each day was a choice.