A angry mother of two grabbed another’s ponytail, then smashed it against the ground , accusing her of flirting with her boyfriend.

Charlene Gregory, who is 40 was a victim of a confrontation with 20-year-old Oceania Armitt outside a shop after her friend said that Oceania Armitt, 20, was making “sexual comments” toward him.

As the assault took place, Gregory asked her: “Why aren’t you looking at me? and then dragged her to the ground as the victim attempted to get away.

The face of Miss Armitt was hit against the concrete and she was stung by a graze as well as a lump on her head.

A judge was told that Gregory who is from Macclesfield, Cheshire, had experienced a rocky relationship with a variety of boyfriends, including one of them being sentenced to prison for violence toward her.

The latest rival, who was not identified, was believed to have orchestrated the build-up to the assault upon Miss Armitt.

In Stockport magistrates’ court, Gregory, who admitted assault was ordered by the magistrates court to give Miss Armitt PS250 for compensation.

The judge also gave her eight weeks in prison and suspended for 18 months.

The incident happened on February 25 , 2013 following the time that Miss Armitt was out to purchase food items.

The prosecutor Nick Smart: ”She was going to a local store when she observed both the accused and her boyfriend in the street.

“She said Miss Gregory asked her ‘Why is it that you are looking at my boyfriend?’ and the complainant then said ‘go away and walk away to the corner.

The defendant then dragged her to the ground with her ponytail before slamming her head into the floor. The woman contacted police and was advised to visit the hospital. She was struck by a lump, and also grazing her head.

“The morning following the incident, Miss Gregory’s boyfriend returned to the home to apologize over her conduct.

“The person who was being interviewed told during the evening in question , she was convinced that Miss Armitt had been flirting with her boyfriend and making sexual remarks , and she pleaded with her not to be flirting with her boyfriend.”

Gregory was previously convicted of indecent communications, violation of restraining order , and harassing another person.

Lawyer Peter Casson said in mitigation: “Prior to this incident the defendant was able to do to do with the plaintiff. Actually, they were acquaintances or friends. However, she’s been involved in several intimate and violent relationships over the last few years. The event was orchestrated by the husband after he revealed to her that the complainant was flirting at him.”

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Mr Casson said: ”She’s experienced a difficult childhood. She was constantly interacting with lovers after lovers and she is always the victim of in coercive and controlling behaviour.

She regrets what she did and has apologized to her. The incident occurred about a year earlier. The woman was in a difficult spot in an abusive relationship , and believed in the advice of her partner at the time.

“She is seeking help for her alcohol consumption and toxic relationships to get her life in order. She has said that now she would rather be alone to be able to concentrate on her own needs. Fortunately, the accident wasn’t a permanent injury.

“She is no longer a criminal and has turned her life completely. She is aware that she has done something wrong and is deeply sorry. She was diagnosed with recurrent depressive disorder. Her children were taken to social services due to domestic problems.

“She isn’t concerned about the events of this evening. If she could reverse the clock, then she could. The young lady must be compensated for her trauma and distress she experienced. She is receiving benefits. The incident happened as the result of the involvement of third party. The woman had no issue with the lady she was talking to, they’d known each other for many years.”

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Gregory was also required to finish a 18 month Community Order, thirty rehabilitation days, and a six-month alcohol treatment program.

JP Walter Barrett told her: “We have seen the image of the injuries that were sustained caused by this attack. It’s a serious crime and should be punished with an imprisonment sentence, but we think this should be suspended right now.”