A British woman died while she tried to save the dogs she cared for in Tonga following a huge underwater eruption of volcanic ash the brother of her said on Monday.

Angela Glover, 50, lived within the South Pacific archipelago with her husband James since they were was married. She founded The Tonga Animal Welfare Society to offer shelter and rehabilitation for unwanted dogs, before returning them to their homes.

“I understand that this terrible accident came about as they tried to rescue their dogs,” her brother Nick Eleini said.

“She loved people and she loved animals and this went right back to her childhood,” he added. “And the strange thing was was the uglier the dog, the more she loved it.”

New Zealand state broadcaster TVNZ previously reported that she was missing following her being taken away by a wave and her husband was able grasp the tree.

Eleini confirmed that her body was discovered, saying the family was shocked by the news.

“Angela was the center of the family. It was her emotional center for our entire family. And, as you can imagine the heart of that family is absent,” he said.

New Zealand and Australia were capable of sending military patrol aircraft into Tonga on Monday, to evaluate the extent of damage that a massive underwater volcanic eruption caused in Tonga, Pacific islands nation.

Australian officials claimed that initial reports suggested there were no massive casualties from the Tsunami and eruption, however Australian police have visited beaches and noted substantial damages.

A towering cloud of ash from Saturday’s eruption has thwarted earlier flights.

New Zealand hopes to send vital supplies, such as much-needed drinking water, via an aircraft used for military transport on Tuesday.

Communication with Tonga was very restricted. The company that operates the sole underwater fiber-optic cable that connects Tonga to the world at large said that it could have been destroyed by the eruption, and repair could take several weeks.

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The cut in cable renders the majority of Tongans in a position to not use websites or even make international phone calls.

The people who been able to send messages have described their country as appearing like a moonscape when they began to clean up all the tsunami’s waves as well as the volcanic ash falling.

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Tsunami waves that measured around 80 centimeters smashed into Tonga’s shoreline. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern outlined the damage to shops and boats along Tonga’s shoreline. The waves reached the Pacific which swept two people overboard in Peru and creating minor damage that extended from New Zealand to Santa Cruz, California.

Scientists say they don’t believe the eruption would have major impact on climate of the Earth.

Massive volcanic eruptions may result in temporary global cooling as sulfur dioxide is released into stratosphere.