It's a good time to get back into 'Borderlands 3".

Yes, I know. I spent the majority of this week recommending Outriders following its latest patch. But, it turns out that another looter had a big patch this week and I must recommend that one as well.

Borderlands 3 would be that, a game with a less rocky history than Outriders but with a decade of pedigree. It was the first loot shooter and took the Diablo formula to an FPS.

Given the latest update, I think it’s a good time for you to get back to the game. Although I doubt it will be the final major update, Gearbox has its Tiny Tina spinoff Wonderlands coming next summer, so I believe it is a good time for the game to get a return. As of yesterday, my Amara is now at 72. I am currently working on Zane. I’m certain I’ll be able to do all four by next weekend. Although I do not know what Borderlands 3 will be doing for the third year, it has done an excellent job of providing updates and reasons for players to continue playing. With its limited-time events, you don’t have to miss anything if you wish to return.

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