Actor Jared Leto is promoting his upcoming Marvel debut, WeCrashed. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he talks about the challenges of working on a live-action movie. In the interview, Leto discusses how the role of Morbius changed his life. While the character was a challenging role, he was drawn to the transformational nature of the character.

The character was initially a straight-up villain, but Leto made him into an intriguing anti-hero. His full name is Michael Morbius, and he was a brilliant biochemist. In order to become the Joker, he underwent a risky experimental treatment that turned him into an extremely dangerous blood-sucking vampire.

While the Morbius role was challenging, Leto said he felt a connection to the character. Although it was difficult to say no to the role, the actor said he couldn’t imagine playing it without it. It’s not just Leto who loves Morbius; the character is also a huge part of the Marvel universe.

It was also impossible for him to say no to the Marvel project despite his deep passion for the franchise. As an actor, Leto has a long history of playing movie roles, but his role as Morbius was particularly intriguing. The role was so challenging, Jared Leto admitted that he was initially reluctant to accept it. But once he said yes, he was incredibly happy with the final result.

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Apparently, Jared Leto was very eager to play the lead role in the movie, which is based on the Marvel comics by Roy Thomas. The actor is passionate about the project and wants it to succeed. He is a good example of a “self-driven” person. It has been noted that the actor’s “immersive work ethic” was very important for his performance as the protagonist.

To make the role of Morbius more realistic, Leto shaved his teeth into tiny daggers. He spoke to patients with rare blood diseases to understand more about the disease. He learned about the physicality of the twisted character. His cane is too large for him to walk without assistance, so he was forced to use a wheelchair.

It was not easy to say no to the lead role in Morbius. The actor is reportedly desperate for the role, and had to turn down a role in another film because he is unable to do it. In the end, the director chose Leto as his co-star. The film will star Matt Smith, Jared Leto and Adria Arjona. Among the cast, Morbius is Matt Smith, Jared Harris, Tyre Gibson and a few others.

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