As we are all aware, ACCA is a globally recognised qualification that allows you to pick up jobs in any preferred nationality. Adding an ACCA qualification to your resume will allow you to grab the match of required promotion, reading employers will start perceiving you as equivalent to Chartered Accountants.

Choosing to study an ACCA course from London will allow you to gain insight into the examination pattern and the topics that are needed to be studied in depth, all based on a flexible model structure. So if you have been curious about the future of your professional journey in ACCA, then you must know that you’re not alone!

Studying an ACCA programme full-time a part-time on UK’s digital platform will allow you to explore a very forward-thinking ACCA curriculum, with the mock examinations focusing on the applications of the subject taught, in the real-time workspace. What does this mean? As an accountancy aspirant, you’ll be able to transform your candidature into industry ready and employable professional who can demonstrate skills with an expert feel.

Following are some of the popular career options that you can pursue after completing a global ACCA qualification from the UK:

Tax accountant – this job profile requires you to be proficient at executing tasks such as filing tax returns, identifying tax issues on behalf of corporates and clients and reporting tax savings.

Financial accountants – these experts are accountable for making major financial decisions and monitoring all the financial activities of a company to determine the financial stability of the organisation.

Audit control manager – this job profile refers to one of the vital roles within the accountancy department which makes you responsible for ensuring that all payments are received and processed on time, with the primary goal of assisting accompany senior management with invoices and credits.

Forensic accountant – This employment option requires professionals to collect details of various financial evidence and communicate the information in court, as well as provide visual aids for client accounts that are in disputes or litigation.

Treasurers – these experts add hired as financial watchdogs or guardians to deliver an overall financial status, with the primary responsibility of managing all financial liabilities and assets of a company.

If you want to showcase your skills related to finance and bring innovative changes within a business organisation, then completing an online ACCA course from the UK might just be the best way to go about it. This is because undergoing a preparatory ACCA programme from London will allow you to hone industry-friendly abilities including providing optimal business solutions, recommending allocation of resources and conducting financial planning.

To become an in-demand qualified professional, you must be aware of economic developments and global accountancy presence not just in your home country but across the world. Log onto our website and hit the apply button to begin your educational journey of becoming a top-notch finance professional, now!

This article was written by Deblina Dam