Instagram Reprimands Dewi Perssik for Using Social Media

Dewi PerssikAfter his official, he gave statement Instagram Account disappeared. After receiving a warning from Instagram, Dewi’s Instagram account vanished.

Dewi claimed she was reprimanded for reposting accounts that were supposed to have supported her during her feud with Denise.

“So yesterday, why, yesterday there were reprimands from Instagram. So I posted many people who supported me. Many of them insulted Denise (the lisp),” Dewi stated in an upload to her Tiktok account on Thursday.

Instagram Reprimands Dewi Perssik for Using Social Media

“So what about those who support you and thank you very much. He continued, “And those who post using harsh words get an Instagram reprimand and I don’t pay attention to that.”

He stated that the most important thing was not his Instagram account but the support he receives from his fans.

“The support was number 1 and Instagram umpteen. Alhamdulillah, there is no Instagram for this. It is important to remember that real life should not be blocked. We are all the same even if we don’t like tv. He said that there was nothing dong, but an important job ngalir.

Dewi is not concerned about her account being deleted because she doesn’t have any responsibility for Instagram business transactions.

“Besides, I do not have endorsement responsibility. He said that if the IG is lost, I could make another one.

He said that even if the data were lost online, it wouldn’t be lost. He also said that Instagram is not a problem, as he did not start his career via social media.

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“Honey, honey, I’m patient. Oh, I’m laughing. Relax, Dewi Persik wasn’t born from social media. Dewi said, “So you don’t need to worry. What’s important in real-life is still there.”

Instagram has yet to make an official statement about Dewi Persik’s account deletion.