Instagram replaces swipe up gesture for accessing link with...

Instagram has reportedly removed the swipe-up gesture that allowed users to access links in stories. It is being replaced with link stickers. Some Instagram users claimed that they received an email advising them of the change.

Instagram replaces swipe up gesture for accessing link with...

It will take effect on August 30, 2021. Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher, first noticed this announcement. This feature will be tested with a group to make sure it is not offensive. A verified user can now add a link that allows viewers to access the story by simply swiping up. These stickers may have links embedded. Users might be able put them with this link sticker option. Users will be able to select from a variety of stickers on the platform. Users will have more control and flexibility with this new feature. You can customize the way you want your link stickers to look by changing their sizes and styles. It will allow users to respond or reply to stories that contain such links. This option is currently not available via the swipe-up gesture. The link stickers might be available only for users with more than 10,000 followers or those accounts which are verified by the platform. The social networking site announced several new features earlier this month that were designed to protect users from abuse. The feature allowed users to limit comments or direct messages during spikes in attention.

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