Jim Cramer: Musk's "First Disaster" Will be Tesla Cybertruck

In the entire history of the automobile, few cars have been as polarizing as the Tesla Cybertruck, and the electric pickup’s styling continues to make waves almost two years after its unveiling.

Jim Cramer, a former hedge fund manager, and TV personality has taken a dig at the Cybertruck’s look. He claims that the Cybertruck will be Musk’s first disaster because of its appearance.

Cramer was asked Monday if he had seen the Tesla Bot. He then went on to say that the Cybertruck was an “eyesore” which would cause people to be shocked to see them on the road.

Everyone has the right to their opinion and it is clear that many people don’t like Tesla’s futuristic Cyberpunk-inspired design. However, it’s probably exaggerated to say that it will be a disaster due to the 1.25 million preorders (according to an online reservation tracker made by fans).

Mind you, Cramer is not the only one to voice concerns about the Cybertruck; even Elon Musk expressed doubts about the electric pickup truck’s success.

The CEO of Tesla tweeted last month that there was always a chance Cybertruck would fail, as it is so different from everything else, , adding that he doesn’t care about it and that he loves it so deeply even though others may not.

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Cramer also spoke about the NHTSA probe into Tesla’s Autopilot. He called it “unfair” as well as stating that there are “many more accidents from drunk driving.” Daily Reuters Mad Money star praised Tesla for avoiding major failures with its products unlike GM or the recent Chevrolet Bolt EV recall.