How to spot good Forex broker

Entering the financial markets has never been as easy as it is today. With just a laptop or a mobile phone, you can open a trading account and start investing and trading not just Forex but also commodities, Futures, stocks and other financial assets. Depending on your need and abilities, you can make it your primary or secondary source of income. But how to spot a reliable and trustworthy brokerage these days when there are so many offers. Here is an overview of the main factors to pay attention to when choosing your trading intermediary.

User-friendly platform

If it’s pleasant to your eye and you find the trading platform easy to navigate, go for it. Avoid flashy websites with too many features at once on the trading screen, especially if you are a beginner trader.

Good customer service

You can check it prior to starting trading. Once you open a demo account, you can check if the customer service is prompt and professional. Make sure it is available in your language. Knowing English can be of help, but if the customer service speaks your native language, it’s a big plus.

Variety of assets

At first, you might be looking for a specialized Forex broker, but maybe the moment will come when you would be eager to diversify your portfolio and start trading cryptocurrencies, commodities or some other type of asset. That’s why you should pay attention to the brokerage services that offer multiple assets trading and not just currencies.

Variety of trading account types

The more trading account types, the more flexibility and convenience in your trading process. The best brokerage will offer more types of trading accounts for all trading levels regarding your trading skills and the amount you are ready to invest.

Special offers and bonuses

Everybody likes special offers and bonuses. And brokerage services are inclined to offer them to their clients to attract them to their services. Make a comparison between the myriads of them and choose the best one. The bonuses range from 50 to 200 per cent of the first deposit.

Regulation compliance

At last, never go for the unregulated one but only for those that comply with the financial regulations in your country. Going for the unregulated broker puts you in danger of falling for a scammer, which would be the road to hell. Every broker who wishes to operate ought to have a license and pass a strict verification process. To make sure the brokerage service you are opting for is whitelisted, go to the official website of the financial regulatory body in your country and check it out.

Customer reviews

Finally, read reviews such as the HubbleBIT review and see what’s in store for the specific broker you are looking for. The reviews are a great source of information regarding all the criteria mentioned above for the choice of a broker. Besides, you can take a glance at customers’ opinions on various forums online. But take them with the reserve since every customer has its particular story, and many factors can contribute to the overall experience with the brokerage website.