How to Record a Phone Call on Your iPhone

If you’re wondering how to record a phone call on your iPhone, you can turn to a number of apps, including TapeACall, Just Press Record, Zoom/SM58, Rev, and SM58 Pro. However, recording a phone call is not always legal, and you may need to ask both parties to consent before you can do so. There are many alternatives to recording a call, however.


TapeACall for recording a phone conversation on your iPhone is one of the most useful business apps. The app provides prime-quality call recording services in 50 countries, and already has over 4 million users. It requires 3-way calling capability, and charges your iTunes account when purchased and at renewal time unless you turn off auto-renew 24 hours before the current period ends. Depending on the Subscription Plan, it also charges a one-time or recurring fee.

Just Press Record

There are many reasons to use Just Press Record to record a phone call. For starters, this app supports recording from the microphone on the device, including AirPods. It also has automatic transcription in over 30 languages. You can also use a notepad-like editing tool to add text or remove parts. Then, you can share the recordings via email, text, or cloud app. Its free trial period is 30 days.


When recording phone calls, it is important to have the right equipment. The Zoom/SM58 combo is the best recording device. However, if you don’t have one of these devices, you can purchase them separately or get a Zoom/SM58 bundle to use with your iPhone. Here are some tips to record phone calls and improve your listening experience. You can also download Zoom for iPhone from the Apple Store.


You can record any phone call on your iPhone using a free app called Rev. All you need is a US phone number and you’ll be good to go. The app will prompt you for the recipient’s number, record the call and store it on its servers. This method also allows you to save calls and play them back later. Whether you want to share them or not, you can easily record a phone call on your iPhone.

Voice Memos

If you want to record a phone conversation, but you are not sure how, you can use the Voice Memos app on your iPhone. The app allows you to record phone conversations and share them via email or text. It is important to note that recording a phone conversation without consent is illegal and could be considered eavesdropping. However, you can turn off Location-based naming in the settings.