The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review - An iPhone Users Perspective

This review covers a variety of topics from Flex Mode to the Battery life to the Form factor. In this article, I’ll also talk about the gaming experience. Keep reading to learn about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Flex Mode

Unlike its predecessors, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is equipped with a new feature called Flex Mode. This mode allows you to use the phone in a flat position, which is useful for checking emails or writing. It can also be used when you get tired of holding the phone. While the new feature is a welcomed addition, it does have a few drawbacks. Here are some of them:

First, Flex Mode is a great feature for people who enjoy taking selfies. It also makes it easy to view your photos and videos, as the camera window takes up the top half of the screen, while the playback controls sit on the bottom. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a great device for those who like taking photos or videos in a wide variety of settings. The camera, playback controls, and gallery app all work perfectly in this mode, too.

Battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is equipped with a 3,300mAh battery, but this is not enough to power it for the entire day. The battery life is far from the standards of other flagships in the same price range, according to Andy Boxall’s review of the device. The battery life of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is also not as good as those of flagships with bigger batteries. Here are some ways you can extend the life of your phone’s battery.

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The battery life of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 isn’t as good as that of the Galaxy S21+. The S21+ features a much larger battery, 50% larger than the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s. Moreover, the hinge and the slimmer body compromise battery life. Ultimately, you’ll have to sacrifice the display for battery life. But don’t despair! These issues are minor and can be easily fixed.

Form factor

While an iPhone user may have some reservations about a foldable phone, the Samsung Z Flip 3 is certainly a contender. Its 6.7-inch Infinity Flex Display is dense with colors and details. A fast-action Disney+ episode makes full use of this display’s capabilities. The phone’s 120-Hz refresh rate is also an impressive feature. While Apple sticks with 60 Hz, 120-Hz is the new standard for display refresh rate. With a 120-Hz refresh rate, the screen is buttery smooth, making page-scrolling and gaming more natural.

The Z Flip 3’s build and screen are much stronger than the Motorola Razr. Previous foldables were uncomfortable to hold and often made creaking noises. If you’re looking for the best camera setup, however, you’re better off with an iPhone or a Galaxy S21 instead. The phone doesn’t really offer a real advantage over an iPhone unless you’re looking for a smartphone that can be used as a tablet as well.

Gaming experience

If you enjoy playing games on your phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a great choice for you. Its 6.7-inch full HD+ display offers great graphics and has 120 Hz refresh rate. Samsung is renowned for its displays, and this device offers the same. Its battery capacity is also good, but it won’t last for a long time if you play intensive games. But if you aren’t looking to spend hours playing games, you can consider purchasing the Z Fold 3, which has a larger battery.

The Z Flip 3’s screen has a new protective film, making it feel smoother than previous Flip series phones. Its screen is also slightly thicker, so you can comfortably read notifications and preview selfies without having to open the cover. The phone also has an improved camera, which enables you to snap better selfies. The front camera and rear camera have been upgraded. The camera is still a strong point of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, and the new features it offers are an added bonus.