How To Improve Cat Tackle In American Football

How to improve tackling in American football and rugby is one of the most important drills for any player looking to make his game better. These two games are alike in so many ways, especially the physical aspect. The tackles in either game have to be done quickly, accurately and strong to win the game for your team. So having a good knowledge of how to tackle is vital. Here are some drills to improve tackling in football and rugby that you can start using straight away.

The first drill is simple enough but it is essential. It starts with the two players standing about four yards apart from each other. One player, who is going to ‘secure the ball’, then drops to one knee to form a secure position right in front of the tackled player. His teammate, who will be ‘attacking the ball’, then sprints forward with the ball in his hands. When the player who was going to secure the ball reaches about six yards from the tackled player he then sprints back towards the ‘receiver’ and takes a two-yard reception.

To do this technique you need to ensure that the defenders you are playing with are all playing their parts. If you are playing with three defenders, including yourself, try to secure the ball as quickly as possible. You don’t want to get penalised for being late!

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In American football you are often permitted to bring the ball into play two yards outside the tackle box. This means that you can try and tackle defenders before they reach the tackle box. To do this you should stand at least two yards out from the back line. Also try and bring the ball through on your outside foot, which will often mean turning your head towards the opposite direction. However, you need to keep your head down and try and tackle anyone you come across along the way.


To make an impact with these techniques, it is important to try and bring the ball through quickly, or even as quickly as possible. You should try and bring your defender under control. The best way to do this is to try and push them backwards to the point where they have to use their hands to push you backwards. Once they have been pushed backwards, it is a good idea to try and bring them to the ground with your legs.


When a defender has been brought down, it is important to try and bring them back into play. This is done by either holding them up with your arms or using techniques such as holding your elbow near the attacker’s neck to try and bring them down with your body. Another tactic to try and bring down an attacker is to tackle them on the outside of their back. Although this is difficult, it is important to tackle an attacker who is near to the sideline as this will often result in a tackle which results in a penalty kick.

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If you are playing at the front line, then it is important to try and join in tackles. By joining in you are trying to help the defender you have marked down recover. When you have two defenders who have each marked down an opposing player, the one on the outside should try and engage the first player. The other centre back should then try to engage the second player. If these initial tackles don’t work then try and use a take off tackle. A take off tackle involves trying to take the tackled player to the outside of the field so that you can attempt to score a try.

Finally, when you are playing to try and carry the ball as far downfield as you can. It is a good idea to try and carry the ball as far downfield as possible even if you only need a single player to carry the ball. This will give the advantage of being able to sprint down the field if the opposition to try and counter attack. If you carry the ball far enough downfield, then it will also allow you to run at defenders. In order to carry the ball further, you should always try to get a good grounding.