How to Choose the Right Ice Hockey Stick

Do you remember the ice hockey history and all the excitement that it had back in the days when you were still a kid? I do and it made me crazy. There are so many great memories that you have of this great game from the past, such as being there when America’s first official ice hockey team was put together and making it to the Stanley Cup Finals. This is the history that all sports fans love and want to experience first hand.


What most kids don’t know is that ice hockey sticks were not always so expensive back then. It was unheard of to have ice hockey equipment that was custom built and made by a hockey stick manufacturer. The sticks were just basic things made of wood, but with the technology of today, engineers and scientists have developed materials that engineers and scientists are using to make ice hockey sticks that out-perform even the best composite sticks available on the market today. Now you may think that this must be some ridiculous statement, but it’s true.

Imagine this situation: You are standing on the ice with your friends and you notice a group of kids up for hockey. One of them has a little ice hockey stick that he has customized with his name and the number that he plays for his team on the back. Your child wants one and starts asking questions about ice hockey sticks and what kind of hockey sticks work best. He is quite curious and doesn’t want to miss any of the conversation. So you let him ask the question and you both get a laugh and continue on your way. That is how you have friends for life.

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Another reason why ice hockey sticks were not as costly back then is because they were made from rubber. Back then it was believed that rubber handled the heat better than any other material and would not melt as easily under the heat of the ice. Rubber gave players and teams a solid way to grip the ice so that they did not slip or slide around on the slippery ice during their games. Since the game was invented many years ago, there has been an obsession to make every part of the game as safe as possible. Today the sticks are made out of carbon fiber or fiberglass because of the extreme temperatures of the ice can reach while being played. Sticks are also made with extra-tough composite blades that will keep the ball in play through multiple stops.


With all the technological advances in today’s world it is very important that ice hockey sticks are made out of the latest and greatest materials. There are many different materials used for making ice hockey sticks and each one is made differently. Some of the more common materials include graphite, fiberglass and composite. The difference between all these different materials is how well they will hold up and what type of action they will give when playing the sport.


Most ice hockey sticks today are made to grip the ice better so that players have more of a chance of getting hurt when they are playing on the ice. Many times players will spend a lot of time practicing on their ice hockey sticks before they actually play a game on the ice. This is extremely important because it allows the players to feel comfortable with the way that their stick fits and feels when they are gripping the ice. Many times the grip of the stick will change from person to person when they are playing. It will depend on the thickness of your hand and the size of your hand.

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Another thing that players should look for when choosing the right ice hockey stick is the type of blade that they choose. Most ice hockey sticks are manufactured with a traditional round blade that has been round over the years. However, since more people are now playing the game in a hockey arena, the hockey blades are being made to play specific maneuvers and patterns. These particular blades are becoming known as “velvet” blades because they help to trap the puck better so that the player can play more aggressive hockey and actually get into more collisions and fights when the ice is at a different level.

Another thing that a player should consider is the material that they are holding onto when they play ice hockey. Some players prefer to have a plastic stick while others prefer something that is a bit more hard like leather or metal. It is important to know what your preferences are so that you can get a better quality stick. You will definitely be able to find the perfect play ice hockey stick for you when you take the time to look around.