How to Improve Basketball Conditioning at Home

The best basketball conditioning program takes into consideration both the mind and the body. Knowing how to improve basketball conditioning at home starts with knowing how much time a player spends on the basketball court. Many people don’t realize that professional players spend as much, if not more, time conditioning their bodies than any other basketball player. As a result, they know how to improve basketball conditioning at home. You can follow their exact practices to improve your conditioning program.

It’s time to set an agenda. First, make a list of the things you need to accomplish in terms of your basketball conditioning program. Next, write down the things you need to do each day. Write down your goals for the day and how you plan to reach them. For example, “I plan to complete two abdominal crunches before the game.”

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Each workout should start with ten minutes of active stretching. This will loosen up all of the muscles in your legs and upper body. After that, start off by warming up with calisthenics. Then move onto some jumping jacks or small boxes. Make sure you use good technique and always focus on proper form.

In addition to warming up and cooling down properly, basketball conditioning at home should also include proper core conditioning. This means that you have to pay careful attention to how your body is positioned when you rebound or jump. A good example is holding your legs together at the knees while jumping. You need to engage your core muscle and keep it there. Once you complete one full rotation, you should then switch to alternating your legs.

Basketball conditioning at home doesn’t end with leg work though. You also have to make sure that your entire body stays in proper alignment while you’re performing the different basketball movements. You need to be sure that your head, back and shoulders are still perfectly level as well. And you have to make sure that you don’t twist or turn in any direction during any of the movements involved in a typical basketball conditioning program.

How to improve basketball conditioning at home also includes proper tempo. This is done by setting your own personal tempo for every single movement while you’re performing a basketball drill. For example, you should be going faster when you’re going to execute a crossover dribble or when you’re getting a jump shot ready. And you should be slower when you’re shooting free throws or trying to recover in case of an errant shot. You have to learn when you’re in good position and when you need to recover to stay in control of the play.

Stretching is also a component of a comprehensive basketball conditioning program. The right stretching exercises will help you to build up the muscles that are involved in your jumping motion as well as your endurance, balance and flexibility. The more flexibility you have the better off you are going to be as you move through the different phases of your basketball conditioning program. That way you can move through the court without a lot of hassles and not be slowed down by any sudden movements or positions that you take.

So if you want to know how to improve basketball conditioning at home then it’s really just a matter of finding the appropriate exercises and stretches to do and using them consistently. Make sure that they’re done before every single practice session that you have scheduled for improving your conditioning and fitness levels. That way you’ll be able to see immediate results as soon as you begin working out on a consistent basis. Plus it allows you to keep from having to waste time doing exercises that don’t really help you to develop the skills that you need for basketball conditioning. Just pick the proper basketball conditioning program for your level of skill and it should do wonders for your overall conditioning.

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