How to Improve Basketball Aim - What Can You Do to Make Your Eye Work This Much Better?

Every basketball player, at one time or another, will want to know how to improve basketball aim. When you’re playing in the open air, attempting to hit the rim or trying to make a layup, your eyes must be seeing everything clearly and precisely. Good eye sight allows you to make quick decisions under stressful circumstances, which is why many basketball players make the effort to work on their eye sight every day. Other players are more interested in improving their overall game instead of just their shooting abilities, but the bottom line is that any good basketball player should work on increasing his/her basketball skill. Here are some tips for shooting a basketball well.

First, when you’re taking a shot, make sure that you’re releasing the ball through your hands, not your arms. Trying to hit the ball with your arms won’t do much for you, and you’ll probably end up missing the ball. For basketball drills designed to help improve your aim, don’t focus exclusively on the power behind the ball; you should also pay attention to the way that you handle the ball. If you’re releasing the ball improperly, you’ll have a very hard time getting into the correct position when you’re taking a shot.

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Next, if you’re learning how to improve basketball aim, try shooting without the ball in the hoop. Let the ball fly as high up in the air as possible, and go as high up in the air as the gravity will allow you to. This way, you can test out both your vertical jumps and your horizontal jumps, which are two very important aspects of the entire basketball skill. You’ll get a feel for how fast you can rise to the occasion, as well as whether or not your accuracy will deteriorate quickly.

Lastly, when you’re shooting, use a form of basketball exercise that doesn’t strain your body at all. Hanging from a one-inch jump rope won’t do a lot for your overall jumping abilities. Instead, work on a stationary shooting exercise where you’re just holding the rope stationary, and keeping the weight of the body behind the shot.


The one thing that you should never do during a drill is hold the club too long. No matter how many basketball drills you’re doing, you should never let your arms hang down. If you do, you’ll have a very difficult time getting into the proper position to shoot properly. Your arms won’t be able to do their job properly, and your aim will just be very off. You may even fall on the ground while doing this drill!


When it comes to how to improve basketball aim, ball handling is a very important aspect. If you can’t get your hands on the ball quickly and effectively, then you aren’t going to be able to do the best possible job trying to shoot. Make sure that your hands are set in the correct position halfway up the handle of the basketball, just below the elbow. Keep your elbows just below the knees, and don’t touch the lower back or the side of your head. If you do, the ball will be very hard to handle.


As you know, dribbling the basketball is very important, as that is how you’ll score. However, there’s a lot more to it than just that. If you know how to improve basketball aim with the basketball, you’ll be able to use the ball like a weapon, and shoot better, with a much greater ease.


A good exercise to improve basketball aim would be one that allows you to shoot three-point shots. It doesn’t even have to be a real basketball if you don’t want it to be. Just any type of shot that are parallel to the ground, and at an angle that overcome your body, will do. You’ll find this very helpful, as the goal is to make your body turn towards the shot in order to prevent it from deflecting to the side. So, practice aiming for the middle of the basketball court, and you should start seeing improvements in no time.
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