How To Connect Hotspot From Mobile To Computer

We all love our mobiles and the convenience they give us in accessing the internet anywhere and at anytime. However, we never get to enjoy the benefits of having a mobile broadband connection. The same connectivity problems that prevent you from enjoying your favorite sites or email providers also prevent you from sharing files with your friends. Rather, the problem is caused by your mobile service provider. They keep you connected to a slow network, which results in constant disruptions to your email, and other services.

To avoid this, simply find a hotspot in your area where you can freely access the internet without any disruptions. These hotspots are called ‘proxies’, and they actually connect your computer to the network over your hotspot. Once you have the hotspot, then you can surf the net via your computer rather than your cell phone. If you have a wireless router, you can use it to connect to your hotspot as well.


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So, how to connect mobile hotspot to PC? First of all, you need a PC capable of USB hosting. USB hosting enables you to plug in any USB drive devices such as memory sticks, flash drives and compact disks. This is very convenient because you don’t need to bring a laptop along when you want to transfer data. Just plug in the device into the USB port of your computer, and that’s all you have to do.

Then, you need an application for hotspot such as Mobile Connect, which lets you know about the hotspots around you and provides instructions on how to connect mobile hotspot to PC. You have to download this application. Now, open your MCD and click on ‘Network’. It will show all the available networks, and you just have to choose the one nearest to you, or the one you want to use for dial-up.

Then, type in the SSID of the hotspot you are using. It may be the name you are using for your business or just the street name. Just enter it in between quotation marks. Click OK. You have to click on the save button to save your settings.

Then, you need to restart your computer to access the network. When you see an icon for USB Mifi, close it. It is important for your computer to restart in order for you to get through these initial steps. If you can’t do this, then you need to know how to connect mobile hotspot to PC manually.

When your computer is ready, you just need to plug in the USB cable of your hotspot into the computer. Then, it is ready for use. You just need to follow the prompts that appear. After you get through the step, you can disconnect the USB hotspot. Your phone should now be able to access the network.

You may want to get more tips on how to connect mobile hotspot to PC. There are other ways to do it. The manual way is probably the easiest. If you are not familiar with how to set up a hotspot, you may want to ask advice from tech support. They will surely give you more advice about how to connect mobile hotspot to PC.

If you think that setting up a hotspot can be complicated, then you may choose to get the network set up software. This software will allow you to set up your hotspot in no time. It will also keep your phone protected so you don’t have to worry about getting the network hacked. Just ensure that you know how to activate the software. Usually, you only need to turn on the connection mode and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Now that you know how to connect hotspot from mobile to computer, you may want to know more about cell phones. Unlike the old days when cell phones were used for calls only, cell phones nowadays are also used for Internet browsing as well. These cell phones come packed with high-speed data and can download applications that you never thought possible. With just a small monthly subscription fee, you will be able to make and receive unlimited Internet connections.

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So now that you know how to connect hotspot from mobile to computer, all you need is an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Once you have signed up with an ISP, you can now roam wherever you want. Just remember not to abuse your connection. Don’t go online for too long, or else you might limit your data. Once you get your data limit, you can go online as much as you want.