Team Viewer For Mobile: Redefining Collaboration

A team viewer is a software tool created by Microsoft, that enables one to view team member information on a cell phone. In a nutshell it is a viewer that enables you to view team members information on your mobile phone. As of now it does not offer access to email, contact, or instant messaging. The good news is that there are other tools available. Read on to find out about them.


One of the team viewer for mobile to mobile programs that are similar to Microsoft outlook is Microsoft slide. This is a free tool that allows you to view any type of file on your cell phone. It includes a button to share the file with others as well. It works similar to the team viewer for your computer. However, this viewer does not provide direct access to the server.

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Viewers can be downloaded from several web sites. Popular among them are JKL Software and ZaaZoom. These are just two of the many team viewer available in the market. You can also get software developed by third parties to provide the team view on your cell phone. These software are available at a low cost and do not require any type of license.

The team view feature enables you to see the desktop version of the Outlook window on your cell phone screen. With this feature you can check what your team members are doing. It helps you to manage your team and check their messages, updates etc. while you are away from the office. Apart from this, you can even see team members online while they are connected to the team network. Now this is something that is impossible in a team collaborative application.


Team viewer has an advanced message tracking system. With this feature you can identify and track all mails that were sent from one team member to another team member. It helps you create goals, set up reminders, set up to do and see who has checked what. This team viewer for mobile enables you to send team updates and view team emails quickly. In addition to all these functions, it also gives you the ability to export your team information in PDF format.

Another feature that is available with the team view on your cell phone is live chat. You can speak to team members who are not online to share ideas, thoughts etc. You can even upload photos and video clips and chat with team members while they are online. So, this is a team communication tool that works as a virtual office assistant to you.

You can invite team members to view your team feed or to comment on an upcoming team view case file. When team members try to open team view they can see all team messages, team photos etc. They can also access team news and get the latest team updates. In addition to all these features, team view allows team managers to give direct assignments to team members. It also allows team managers to manage multiple teams simultaneously.

Nowadays, mobile devices are becoming a necessity for business organizations and hence mobile team viewer is also a need of the hour. Now, you can access team news on your mobile and monitor the progress and status of project. You can view the team photo of each team member along with his/her details and profile information. You can easily sign in to team viewer for mobile and send team updates, status etc. from your mobile phone without any hassles.

A team viewer for mobile is the best way to manage team communication in real time. Team view software enables team members to access team feeds and communicate via their personal mobile phones. In fact, if you have a team that is based out of the UK then you can actually connect the team members online through their mobiles and discuss things with them face-to-face. This makes team communication easier and less time consuming.

The team views are available online in two versions Web-based and Offline only the team members will be able to access team feeds, message boards and other functionalities of the online team view. Once the team members log into their team feeds on their mobiles they will be able to access team message boards that contain team activities, team photo etc. Similarly, once they log out of the team view they will be able to browse back to the team’s history, chat rooms etc. Offline team view also contains a team photo, team videos etc. All these team activities will be visible to team members sitting at their desk or any other place, even if they are away from the office.

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The team viewer for mobile enables team managers to monitor and control communication and collaboration among team members working remotely. Viewers can easily transfer team information online through email and other instant messaging systems such as MMS, SMS etc. The team view software is an effective tool for communicating across geographical boundaries, even when the team members are located at different places. It is also a very useful tool for team communication, recruitment, selection and management of talent. It is ideal for managing large teams and groups of mobile employees.