The primary task of “Destiny 2’s” Vanguard Playlist this week was Grandmaster Strikes in The Hollowed Lair, and any experienced Guardian would be able to agree the strike’s not an easy task particularly in the higher levels.

When they reach the Fanatic’s cave they will meet an influx of Scorn and the way they fight can be a bit daunting, especially when you consider the exuberant Screebs and Stasis-enabled Ravagers and a horde-focused boss fight.

Despite the initially difficultness, gamers can successfully take advantage of these Nightfall for the Uzume sniper rifle as well as other rewards if their loadouts and strategies are designed to be optimized. There are several strategies to getting rid of the Hollowed Lair on any difficulty level and even the Grandmaster version.

Suggestions for the Loadout

The majority of the fight inside the Hollowed Lair, players will fight Void as well as Solar shields. However, there will be a few Arc shields in the area Keep the thought in your mind.

If you own weapons or abilities that are able to knock out the Overload or Unstoppable Champions it is recommended to use these. Due to that they are able to stun Overload Champions and sniper-type Raider enemies, bows can be quite helpful in this fight.

The stunning bows, Trinity Ghoul or Ticuu’s Divination are great for this kind of attack. The first is great to clear mobs with less challenges, while the latter is ideal for breaking down the strength of monsters with more difficult challenges. With either bow, a Wolftone Draw with Dragonfly and Shoot to Loot can be an excellent alternative.

Use Linear Fusion Rifles for heavier weapons to quickly eliminate hard-hitting enemies. They can also force on the boss who is last to do his Tether move quicker. It’s recommended to utilize the Lorentz Driver or a god-roll Threaded Needle.

Remember that the Arbalest will smash any shield type by a single strike which makes it a fantastic choice to take on the final boss. The Ager’s Scepter is also a good option for dealing with large group of enemies.

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Strategies to Take into Consideration

The players should be patient and slowly as they progress through this attack. The density of mobs during this strike is extremely high, and one unlucky Screeb spawn could completely disrupt a game.

Clean each room thoroughly and focus on eliminating Raiders first, while paying attention to Screebs. In situations with a lot of targets like the final boss zone do not be afraid to utilize Supers.