While Starfox did not make a cameo in the Avengers Thanos face-off or Infinity War or Endgame, he did share a clone with Thanos. He also had his first encounter with the Eternals of Earth, including the infamous Eros, who was born on Titan. Though the character was never given a major role in the MCU, he does have superpowers and is the son of Eros and Titan’s king.

The character is not a human and is actually an Eternal. He was genetically engineered by Arishem the Judge to be a warrior for the heavenly realm. He was stationed on Titan and became Thanos’ adoptive brother. However, he abandoned the ideals of the World Forge and fled the planet as a space outlaw. He was able to save his people from Black Roger, but only after he introduced himself to other Eternals who had rebelled against Arishem.

The introduction of Starfox as a member of the Titan royalty came in the Eternals mid-credits scene. The film introduced 10 immortal beings, including Thanos and Eros. The mid-credits scene featured a stinger that introduced Eros as the king of the Mystery Planet. This character would later become a highlight of the film. While he may not have had a direct influence on the Avengers’ success, he has an impact on the MCU.

The movie’s plot was a big surprise. The Avengers: Infinity War was based on this comic history, but it’s unlikely that the studio will go into the details of Titan’s history in the future. The film’s plotline is essentially the same as the comic book version. Despite the fact that the series is a Marvel franchise, it’s unlikely that Marvel will go much deeper into Titan’s lore.

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Unlike the furry space pilots that were introduced in the Nintendo universe, Starfox was first introduced in the MCU in 1973. He is human, but he had mental powers that were only functional in an animal’s brain. In fact, he was the first superhero to use these mental powers. In the original comics, the MCU stuck to the mythical history of Titan.

Starfox had psionic powers, which allowed him to manipulate people. These powers included the ability to simulate psychokinesis. In addition to this, Starfox was able to mimic the power of Eros and Thanos by using his mind-reading powers. His limited command of alien languages also made him an effective spy. During the first meeting, Starfox was still in love with Tigra, but her true love was with Thanos.