Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow’s latest action movie got off to a rough start in China with an underwhelming $7.5 million opening weekend. While it still held a good spot in the domestic box office, the film’s reception was less than stellar in China. Pirated versions of the film are widely available on Chinese language networks, so piracy weighed heavily on its performance. Since it first opened on HBO Max and in cinemas on Dec. 22, the film has been available on numerous local pirate networks. While the Chinese audience hasn’t been a huge fan of the film, the piracy has certainly hurt the movie’s chances in the market.

While the movie’s star power is likely a contributing factor, the film was also weighed down by rampant piracy and poor reviews from local moviegoers. From the second the film opened on HBO Max in the U.S., the movie was widely available on Chinese piracy networks. Moreover, the movie’s release on Chinese cinemas coincided with its release on HBO Max in the U.S. The two versions opened on the same day, so audiences in both countries saw the movie simultaneously.

China Box Office The Matrix Resurrects Underwhelms With $7.5M – A Miserable Start for Warner Bros.’ The Matrix Resurrections Opens To a Low-Rate in China Despite a High-End Review by Filmfactual, The Matrix Resurrections has received mixed reviews from local audiences. While the movie’s opening weekend will be an indicator of its potential worldwide success, it is still a huge disappointment in the Chinese box office.

The film was weighed down by rampant piracy and a lackluster reception in the Chinese cinemas. While it opened on HBO Max and in U.S. theaters simultaneously, the film has struggled to find a place in Chinese moviegoers’ hearts. It has also failed to make money in China, as the film cost $190 million to produce.

China Box Office The Matrix Resurrected Underwhelmed with only $7.5 million, falling into fifth place in real-time ticket sales. Despite the weak start, the movie is on pace to top $140 million globally. Its Chinese total is up to $104.2 million, with $53.5M coming from other international territories. Despite its poor opening in China, the film’s worldwide total is already $140 million.

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China’s box office is not the only area where the movie has been doing well. Its third-place finish in the US is a disappointment. Its total in China is just $26.5 million. However, it remains in the top five for the day. With its $38.7M opening in the country, the film is expected to top $140 million worldwide.