For youthful Joe Biden, it had been an awakening into the then-taboo problem of gay rights. The president was a young guy fresh from high school when, one day in the early 1960s, his father drove him to Wilmington to pick up an application to get a summer job as a lifeguard at one of the town’s public pools.

“I hadn’t seen that before,” Biden remembered during a CNN Town Hall at Los Angeles at 2019. “I looked at my dad, and he just looked at me. He said,’It is simple. They love each other. ”’

Biden has told variations of the story multiple times over the years to help clarify how he came to be an unapologetic advocate for the LGBTQ cause.

Like many men and women of the age, Biden’s evolution on homosexual issues has been fraught with twists and turns — at times into the consternation of those in the forefront of the motion. But by the time he took office in January since the country’s 46th president, Biden’s support for equality has been so unequivocal that activists were hailing him as the most pro-LGBTQ president at U.S. history.

When you look at the breadth and the range of his service for LGBTQ rights, I think it’s fair to say that he is the most pro-equality president that we have ever had,” said Alphonso David, president of the Human Rights Campaign, the country’s largest LGBTQ advocacy group.

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Other presidents, namely Bill Clinton, have openly professed their support for the LGBTQ movement but were cautious of this politics of gay rights, former Houston Mayor Annise Parker stated.