How a YouTuber Tests the Durability of a Steam Deck

Were you curious about how durable the Steam Deck is? If so, watch the video below to see how a YouTuber uses it to test its durability. The YouTuber, JerryRigEverything, indulges in steam Deck destruction in order to show that the device is durable and resistant to breaking. In addition to performing a number of sturdiness tests, Nelson also uses the Bend test to judge the device’s sturdiness.


A YouTube user known as JerryRigEverything tests the durability of consumer electronics. The YouTube channel has a history of tearing down devices to showcase how well they last. The creator has been tearing up gadgets for years, but the latest Steam Deck video shows how he destroys it to show just how durable the Steam Deck is. The video also includes a demontage to show the device’s structural integrity.

Zack Nelson

YouTuber Zack Nelson has a passion for testing various electronic products. From cell phones to handheld consoles, he tests the durability and quality of these products. Throughout his videos, he also indulges in steaming destruction of gadgets. This is one of his favorite segments. While many of his tests may sound dangerous, they actually prove beneficial to the consumer. Watch the video below to see if your Steam Deck can withstand the destruction!

Zack Nelson’s YouTube channel

You might be familiar with the “bend test” which Zack Nelson uses to measure the strength of gadgets. Nelson is a YouTuber who tests various electronic gadgets to see how durable they are. He also puts cell phones and handheld consoles through their paces, demonstrating how they will hold up against repeated use. However, his “bend test” does not actually destroy a device permanently, but rather assesses how well it can withstand various shocks and pressures.

Zack Nelson’s sturdiness tests

There are several ways to test a device’s sturdiness. Nelson’s “bending test” is one such way. The test flexes the device as hard as possible, but it doesn’t permanently damage it. It is a useful tool for evaluating the overall structural integrity of a device. The following are some tips to help you choose a Steam Deck device based on its durability.

Mohs’ Hardness picks

In order to test the durability of a Steam Deck, one YouTuber used a Mohs’ Hardness pick to destroy the screen. This “abrasive” coating on the Steam Deck display is able to withstand bending and flexing, but the pick cuts through the plastic chassis and exposes glossy plastic lettering. If this sounds like something you would want to try, think again.

Flame tests

In order to prove the durability of a Steam deck device, YouTuber Nelson uses “Bend Test” to bend the Steam deck. This test assesses the structural integrity of the device by bending it as hard as possible without permanently damaging it. Unfortunately, the YouTuber’s video is a bit disturbing for the spectators. The device will survive the bend test without permanent damage, but the viewer will have to watch it in order to judge whether it’s worth buying the product.

Nelson’s “flex test”

The OnePlus 10 Pro’s flex test video proves the smartphone’s shaky build. Starting at 6:57, Nelson starts folding the OnePlus 10 Pro along its back. He notes cracks on the frosted black back of the phone, below the camera module and above the battery. While the cracks indicate a weak point in the phone’s structure, the device is still functional and functionally sound.