TikTok Plans Big Push Into Gaming

It isn’t clear if the gaming element will boost advertising revenue, but TikTok is trying to get gamers to use the app. It’s already testing HTML5 games in Vietnam, and hopes to roll them out more broadly in Southeast Asia. While it’s unclear how popular the games will be in Vietnam, the company has already received positive reviews from users. It’s unclear when the games will be available to the public, but the company is hoping to get some feedback from users before rolling them out widely.

TikTok’s advertising revenue is expected to triple this year

In 2018, TikTok’s advertising revenue in the U.S. increased by 175%, with net revenues increasing by nearly $5 billion in 2022. This will account for 51.2% of the worldwide total. This year’s growth is expected to continue, with the social video platform reaching more than $11 billion by 2024. The company’s growth will likely be driven by its proprietary inventory filter and post-campaign measurement tools.

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Despite being a smaller platform than Snapchat and Instagram, the company is already investing heavily to triple its advertising revenue this year. In 2022, Insider Intelligence predicts that TikTok will have more than seven hundred million active users globally and surpass the combined ad revenue of Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube by 2024. The app’s growth in popularity has also led to a recent partnership with software platform CreatorIQ, which offers first-party insights into audience demographics and growth trends. TikTok is most popular among Gen Z and millennials.

TikTok plans to bring games to users

In Vietnam, the social media platform TikTok has plans to develop games and will require a licence to do so. Vietnam is a highly regulated market with regulations prohibiting gambling, violence, and sexual content, but these games are not particularly controversial. The Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communications did not respond to requests for comment. The Chinese version of the TikTok application has been offering games to its users since the start of this year. In most of the region, however, the games are not available.

While this is an interesting move for TikTok, it’s not clear when games will be available worldwide. The platform currently offers a few video games to its users. Users in the United States can watch the games but not play them within the app. But in other regions, such as China, users are not able to play games in the TikTok app. Games can be played on other platforms, such as Facebook’s Instant Games, and Netflix recently added games. In China, ByteDance acquired Moonton Technology last year, competing with Tencent in the game-making market.

TikTok is testing HTML5 games in Vietnam

Popular social media app TikTok is testing HTML5 games for its mobile apps in Vietnam and possibly other parts of Southeast Asia. The company has not said if it plans to expand to other countries, but the test could be done as early as 2022. While the company has not mentioned the exact date it plans to launch games in Vietnam, it has said that the company is testing the new technology in order to make the service more appealing to gamers.

The company has already started testing the application in Vietnam and has already made the platform compatible with HTML5 games. It’s already available in the US, including Zynga’s endless runner, Disco Loco 3D. It also has partnered with the nonprofit Feeding America to introduce Garden of Good, a FarmVille-like game in which users can earn points and donate to charity.

TikTok plans to roll out games more widely in Southeast Asia

It’s not the first video-sharing site to move into games, with Netflix and Snapchat doing the same thing. This move by TikTok is more about selling advertising against its games and driving user engagement. It’s a good move for the company as its ad revenue is predicted to triple this year. But how will TikTok’s users feel about this move?

The video-sharing site is testing games in Vietnam before expanding them to other regions. It plans to roll out games in Southeast Asia as early as the third quarter. It will likely draw from its suite of games developed by the Chinese tech company ByteDance. It will need to obtain a licensing deal to launch games in Vietnam, but it expects the process to go smoothly. A representative for the video-sharing app said the company has already tested HTML5 games. The company has also partnered with third-party game developers, but declined to comment on its plans in Vietnam.