It’s clear that she’s from someplace in Europe.

Long-awaited film from Ridley Scott “House of Gucci” film dialect coach acknowledged the fact that Lady Gaga didn’t exactly nail her character’s Italian accent in the film.

“It feels bad to say this, but her accent sounds more Russian than an Italian accent,” says Italian actress and dialect coach Francesca de Martini. Impression of the voice of Gaga of Patrizia Regiani, who is famous as a hitwoman who hired murder her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci in the year 1995.

De Martini was auditioned for several characters in the film but was not accepted for the role of actress, but was brought back to assist the co-writer of Gaga Salma Hayek.

“What happened: Salma asked for a conversation coach after shooting a day,” De Martini told the publication. “I think she was worried when she heard that the accent wasn’t right — she wanted to do it well.”

Lady Gaga’s film “House of Gucci” will be shown in cinemas on the 24th of November
When listen to Hayek (55 year older), De Martini also was listening to Gaga and realized that her perception of Reggiani was closer to East European than Italian.

She’s 35 years old. Gaga certainly spent a lot of time to perfect her look of Legiani.

“I was Reggiani as she wasfor about a year and half. In the nine months I spoke with accents “Gaga stated, and even off-camera. British outbreak This month. “I have never broken. It was because I was in her.”

The hair was dyed differently in order to achieve the right accent.

“It was almost impossible for me to speak with accents like blondes,” she said. “I had to dye my hair right away.”

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However, the film features several accents with certain actors performing more realistic approaches than others.

“Looking at the trailer, there are so many different accents,” said De Martini, adding that Al Pacino is New York-Italian Then Adam Driver has almost nothing. ..

The film will premiere in cinemas on the 24th of November.