Hot Water Solar System - Is it Right For You?

How do solar water heaters work? How do they compare with other types of solar water heaters? Do these solar water heaters have disadvantages? If you are planning to purchase a solar water heater, this article can provide you with valuable information on the subject. The following are some important solar water heater types.

The first solar water heating system type is the solar hot water heating system. This is considered to be the most effective when compared to other types of solar water heaters. The solar hot water heating system uses solar radiation or sun heat to heat water. There are various ways in which the solar water heating system works like the photo-voltaic effect, the conduction method or the convection method. In most solar water heating systems, one or more solar collectors are used in order to heat water.


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The second solar hot water heater type is the solar hot water battery. The main advantage of using this type of solar hot water heater is that it is cost effective. It does not require installation and there are no complex wiring jobs that need to be done. The solar collector can also be placed anywhere as long as there is enough sunlight.


Thirdly, you have the solar water heater that uses photo-voltaic effect. When sunlight is incident upon the solar water heater, it produces heat by conduction. A photo-voltaic solar water heater heats up the water only when the solar cell gets exposed to sunlight. Hence, the solar water heater is extremely efficient and very easy to install. However, this type of solar water heater is very expensive.


Fourthly, there is the solar water heater with a solar collector. The solar collector is usually connected to a solar panel. The solar collector takes solar energy from the sun and converts it into energy suitable for electricity use.


The fifth solar hot water system type is called the solar photovoltaic, hot water system. The solar photovoltaic, hot water system works on the principle of the photoelectric effect. The solar cells pick up solar energy, which is incident upon them. The electrons flow and get converted into electricity. The solar hot water system uses solar panels for heating purposes. You need solar panels for both the electricity production as well as for the hot water heating purposes.


Sixth, the solar hot water systems can use the pumped storage solar energy. This system has tanks with solar hot water pumps. The pumps are run on alternate days and nights to store solar energy that is incident upon the solar collector during daytime hours. When the solar collector is not making enough solar energy, the pumps are run until the solar collector is producing enough solar energy to meet all the requirements of the household.


This was some information on solar hot water systems. I hope you gained some new knowledge and ideas. You should now be able to go out and find your solar hot water system. You will be glad you did.


I just want to share my experience and my opinion. I have been a solar hot water heater system user for several years. My solar water heater system brought me a lot of good things. It allowed me to save money, be green, and also have the pleasure of using a solar-powered heating source for my home.


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I am now retired and enjoy using my solar hot water solar system to heat my swimming pool and to run my air conditioning unit. Not only is solar energy very cheap, it is renewable as well. That means solar power is going to be around for a long time. If you do not use solar power, you will soon be left in the dark because solar collectors will not produce power when the sun does not shine.


If you are still trying to decide if you want to invest in a solar hot water solar system, I encourage you to do some research on the internet. The most important thing is to find out if your local electric company will start to give you rebates on your solar energy. That is a very real possibility these days.


You can find all kinds of solar hot water solar systems on the web. Take your time and choose a product that is going to work best for you. Do not go with the first system that you see. The most important thing is to find out if solar water heating is right for you. I urge you to go online and do some research first. That way you will not regret the decision you make once you have your solar hot water solar system in your home.