James Bond fans are getting a first glance at the actor Henry Cavill might appear as the brand new 007 in a frighteningly authentic deepfake video that was uploaded on YouTube.

The term”deepfake” refers to a particular piece of video content that has an animated digitally created mask has been put on faces of some or all characters that are displayed to give them the appearance of another person when they are.

In this case the creator of the content, stryder HD decided to put Cavill’s visage to the one of the former Bond actor Timothy Dalton in his two Bond movies the Living Daylights and License to Kill.

It’s a perfect combination, with the resultant film leaving Bond fans shaken and shaken.

As of the date of this writing, the clip of two and a half minutes has racked up more than 100,000 views on YouTube with 007 lovers support Cavill as a perfect replacement for the departing Daniel Craig.

Stephan Robert felt the clip proved Cavill proved to be “the perfect casting choice,” with Club Ackles declaring that “the next James Bond has truly arrived!”

Brett Pritchard thought the deepfake showed that he was “absolutely perfect” for the role of 007, and Nqobizitha Singini thought the footage demonstrated the reason why Cavill has proven to be “the only person that can do this role justice” following Craig.

Stryder HD who’s actual name is Matthew Anthony, has been posting videos on YouTube since the year 2018. His channel has 233,000 subscribers. His channel also has deepfake videos that cover all kinds of subjects including Spider-Man and Squid Game. Squid Game.

While initially focusing on parody and mashup videos, Anthony told Newsweek that he started making deepfakes after gaining knowledge about the technology through other YouTubers. One of them he claimed worked on behalf of Industrial Light & Magic and Lucasfilm.

Anthony stated that he was attracted to the technology due to the possibility for him to “innovate” and explore “new interesting avenues” on YouTube. Anthony described himself as an “big James Bond fan” and claimed he began to put this video together in the ongoing debate about who will succeed Craig.

“I thought Dalton had a similar look [to Cavill] and would do the deepfake comparative justice,” Dalton declared. “I guess it came out pretty well.”

It’s not the first time Anthony has considered the idea of Cavill playing Bond prior to putting together a deepfake where Cavill played the Mission Impossible star switched locations alongside Pierce Brosnan as 007.

Anthony says the renewed interest is due to the fact that “people are actively thinking about the next Bond” and because people aren’t sure “what’s going on” regarding Cavill’s next role as Superman.

“People think there’s a definite chance he’ll be cast as James Bond. I think he would make a pretty great Bond but I also like Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender for the role.”

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Anthony told us that creating the deepfake footage is a process that could require “a few days to a week, if not longer,” with a variety of stages involved like cutting, masking and collecting footage and more.

The dangers of using fake videos are well documented. Deepfake porn that sees the appearance of the original adult actor is changed to the image of a celebrity is becoming more commonplace, and the technology is even being used in politics. an example which shows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was previously altered to make her appear drunk.