Hasil Pertamina Mandalika di Moto2 Prancis di Luar Dugaan

This race at Le Mans we know he is still retrieval after arm pump operation. We were told and informed that his hands are still blue after the operation before the race. The stitches are still clearly visible, Monday (17/5). In fact, Kemal had asked Bendsneyder to ask the team doctor about his current condition to ensure safe conditions before the race.


The reason is, although there are no more problems with the arm pump, Bendsnyeder still feels the stitch marks.

Based on the information Kemal received, when he first discovered that he had a problem with the arm pump, Bendsneyder, the Indonesian-Dutch crossbreed racer, did not have the power to pull the gas and brake his motorbike.

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“If he is sick and he is restrained, he is afraid that the recovery will take longer and we are also afraid that it will affect the results of his operation. But the doctor’s advice is that he can race. Finally, the doctor was given a pain killer. But that also has its time, no. can be long and cover the entire race, “said Kemal.

Besides relying on pain relievers from doctors, continued Kemal, Bendsneyder also used a special strategy when performing at Le Mans. The reason is, you must catch up with the pain killer working period in his body.

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“So he is chasing time and competing with the pain. The key is in his spirit and good mentality.”

“That’s why I said it was really great that he was able to fight to finish fifth. I call him a true fighter. My team and I also reminded him that the gas is important not to fall,” said Kemal.

Qualifying for the top five of French Moto2 2021, Bendsneyder currently ranks 11th in the drivers’ standings with 24 points. Furthermore, Bendsneyder will continue racing in Moto2 Italy at the Mugello Circuit, Sunday (30/5).