Over 25 Democratic senators call for immediate ceasefire at Middle East

Over 25 Democratic senators, led by Georgia Sen. Jon Ossoff, published a joint statement calling for an immediate ceasefire arrangement in Israel and the Palestinian territories to”stop additional loss of life and further escalation of violence.”

“To avoid any additional loss of civilian life and also to prevent additional escalation of conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories, we advocate an immediate ceasefire,” the senators wrote in a joint statement first acquired by CNN.

This includes as Sunday marked the deadliest day of this week-long battle up to now, based on data in the ministry of health in Gaza.

Over 25 Democratic senators call for immediate ceasefire at Middle East

The joint statement from the Democratic senators and two separate senators that caucus with Democrats indicates the rising concern from the Senate within the escalation of violence from the Middle East.

The current battle began at the beginning of last week, fueled by controversy over proposed evictions of Palestinian households in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem and constraints at a favorite meeting point close to the Old City.

Ossoff, who’s Jewish, direct the group of senators to launch the joint statement. President Joe Biden and the White House have demonstrated little willingness to bend to pressure from progressives calling for stronger condemnation of Israel’s actions.

Speaking in the White House a week,” Biden said he didn’t detect a disproportionate reaction to Hamas’ rocket strikes from Israel.

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“Among the things which I’ve seen, so far, is that there hasn’t been a substantial overreaction. The issue is, how we reach a stage where — they reach a stage where there’s a substantial decline in the strikes, especially the rocket strikes which are indiscriminately fired to public centers,” Biden said in the White House when asked if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is doing enough to prevent violence from escalating.

Murphy, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near East, South Asia, Central Asia and Counterterrorism, along with the standing member of this committee, Republican Sen. Todd Young of Indiana, also published a joint bipartisan statement calling for a ceasefire Sunday following the bloodiest day up to Now from the Most Recent conflict.

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“Israel has the right to defend itself from Hamas’ enemy strikes, in a way proportionate with the danger its own citizens are confronting,” they stated. “As a consequence of Hamas’ rocket attacks and Israel’s answer, the two sides have to realize that too many lives are lost and shouldn’t escalate the conflict further. We’re encouraged by reports that the parties are researching a ceasefire. We expect that this ceasefire could be attained quickly and additional steps could be taken to maintain a two-state future”