Harry Styles acknowledged a Scottish school young lady Anna Carty’s prom welcome with a sweet message on Capital FM on Friday.

Carty’s fantasies work out after she reached out to DJ Katy J and uncovered she needed to go to her prom with, in all honesty, the As It Was vocalist, who is set to perform at Ibrox Stadium the end of the week after Anna’s prom.

Katy J called Carty on Getting Scotland Home show according to Daily Mail and asked her, “You will be ravishing, the main thing missing is the prom date, right?”

“Indeed, completely!” answered Carty to which Katy J facetiously said, “Things being what they are, presently you truly are reaching skyward here, you sent us a message, didn’t you?”

Carty answered, “No other person will do, Harry Styles or nothing!”

Katy J then, at that point, said, “You know what, your contention is fair, similar to he will be in Scotland at any rate, so he should pop in to prom.”

“We made an honest effort to do something amazing behind the scene and we truly do have a message from Harry Styles for you in the event that you might want to hear it?” she added.

Then, at that point, the previous One Direction musician’s message was played in which he could heard say, “Anna, how’s it going it’s Harry Styles here.”

“Hi! See, Katy J gave your welcome to the prom and I’m certain it’ll be a decent Scottish party.”

“I couldn’t want anything more than to be there, so send me the subtleties and I’ll see what I can do. Thus, I’ll see you soon!” said Styles.

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The school young lady got close to home and separated in tears, “Good gracious, I really can’t think!”

Katy J then shared with the super fan, “You heard it directly from the original source, I have an inclination that he could shake up at prom!”

“It’s genuine. He will give a valiant effort,” she closed.