The Monsterverse is back with the sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong, and the cast is ready to meet the big guy! This summer, production will start in Australia and will be directed by Adam Wingard. Stevens is already attached to the first Godzilla movie, The Guest. But we’ll have to wait until the summer before we can see him in a role.

The rumor is true: Dan Stevens will play a lead human role in Godzilla vs. Kong 2. While no other cast member has been confirmed yet, the director is reportedly searching for a new human lead. The film will be directed by Adam Wingard, and the cast includes the likes of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Tom Hiddleston. It also has Alexander Skarsgard and Rebecca Hall as the humans.

While Dan Stevens will reprise his role from the first film, the human characters are utterly lifeless. The movie begins with Kong scratching his booty, which is a rather boring beginning for a movie about monsters. Other human characters include Alexander Skarsgard and Rebecca Hall, who both appear to be floundering in their underdeveloped roles. Millie Bobby Brown gets hardly any screen time and Demian Bichir has a small role.

As the title implies, Godzilla and Kong are not in a relationship, but rather two titans. They fight each other for dominance. This is not a Xenomorphs vs. Predators fought for dominance and are fighting each other in order to gain control of the island. And while humans aren’t the first predators in the world, they are the most recent to have civilization, and are at the forefront of it.

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After the initial success of the Godzilla vs. Kong movie, Stevens was then attached to the lead human role. Stevens landed the role after receiving the highest positive reviews of his career. After that, major studios began taking notice of the movie and the cast. And now, we can finally see the newest chapter in the Monsterverse! Don’t miss out on this great film adaptation.

The upcoming sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong is an epic monster battle, and Godzilla and King Kong have teamed up once again. Steven has already acted in the Godzilla movie, and he looks even better in the sequel! Whether you’re a fan of the Godzilla franchise or not, the sequel will surely be the best of all three!

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