Is There a Way Deadpool 3 Can Make The First Movie’ Deleted MCU Connection Canon? Deadpool has made a few references to the MCU in the past, including singing the Juggernaut lullaby and fighting on a helicarrier. And he has an old friend from HYDRA and ties to them. If that’s not enough to make the MCU connection, Deadpool 3 could be recast with a canonical mutant, Terrance Howard, or Ed Norton.

Regardless of how Deadpool 3 works, it will most likely have an MCU Connection. It will feature a deleted scene from the first movie, which might connect Deadpool to the MCU’s Thunderbolts. Because Deadpool already has experience dealing with superpowered beings, it makes sense to link him up with the rumored Thunderbolts, a group of antiheroes and supervillains.

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While the first Deadpool movie made obvious connections to the MCU, it may not be clear how the second movie will fit into the larger scheme. However, there are several points that make Deadpool 3 a good candidate to revisit the MCU connections. The main question is, will it be an R-rated film? There are many possibilities, but one major reason for it to be a sequel to Deadpool?

The X-Men series went beyond the norm with the characters in the franchise. Deadpool, a mercenary with superhuman regeneration and uncanny physical prowess, appeared as a support character in X-Men Origins. Fans reacted with outrage, and Ryan Reynolds made it his mission to have his own movie. Whether Deadpool can do it is a matter of taste.

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