'God Knows What Happened': North Carolina Deputy Fatally Shoots Dark Guy, But Police Discharge Few Details

Leaders and protesters at a grieving North Carolina community wish to understand what occurred Wednesday morning after a deputy executing a search warrant shot and killed a Black guy.

District Attorney Andrew Womble has assured”true Answers rather than quick answers” as country researchers reevaluate why a Pasquotank County Sheriff’s deputy fatally shot Andrew Brown Jr. at roughly 8:30 a.m. Wednesday at Elizabeth City. But audiences of people — heaps in the scene of the shooting and After hundreds protesting in the town’s roads — are frustrated with the dearth of information released up to now. An eyewitness stated Brown was shot multiple times because he drove off.

“The folks of Elizabeth City… they need a right to Understand what happened this afternoon,” Councilman Darius J. Horton stated at a crisis interview of this Elizabeth City council on Wednesday evening. Beyond the assembly, a crowd assembled, some holding signs proclaiming”Black Lives Matter.”

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“There’s a moment of Hurt in Elizabeth City,” Horton explained. The municipality, situated about 170 miles north of Raleigh, is currently home to approximately 18,000 individuals — a number of whom,” Horton said, believed police violence would not occur in their area.

While essential, is adding”insult to injury,” Horton said, including body camera footage of the shooting ought to be published immediately.

Brown, who had been recognized by neighbors as”Drew,” was not a violent

North Carolina investigation image on black man's murder
North Carolina investigation image on black man’s murder

“I did not think that (officials ) actually did this because he Was not a danger to them. He had been pushing off even though he had been hoping to eliminate,” said Williams, who resides on precisely the exact same road and ran from her home when she heard the gunshots.

The car skidded from Brown’s lawn and finally hit on a Tree,” Williams stated.

Racial justice advocates expected that this But lately, deadly police shootings at California, Ohio and North Carolina have rather attracted national attention.


We only got a “Can it be open season today? Sooner or later, it must stop. We must begin holding the people in charge ”

Told The Associated Press they heard about his death by means of a TV news report. Both said they need the shooting thoroughly researched.

“I’m rather upset. Andrew was a fantastic man,” Lydia Brown stated. The deputy”did not need to take him .”


Councilman Gabriel Adkins emphasized That Brown was captured with a County Sheriff’s deputy, maybe not a part of the town’s police force.

Adkins said that he was fearful he would become the next victim

“Let us be real. We discuss transparency? I will be Clear: I am frightened as a Black guy, walking round in this town, driving my car in the future,” he explained.

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