Lizzo says there is nothing to hide

“I Just post. It is like, you just take me as I’m. You do not need to appreciate me,” Lizzo explained through a dialogue hosted by Dove to your brand’s Self-Esteem Project

There is no stopping Lizzo out of Owning her physique.


Back from encouraging the body favorable motion and for her most recent push to change traditional beauty ideals, she is sharing (and baring) everything.

“As most Men and Women know I did an interview What’s Underneath Project years back and that I took off all of my clothing. I took off my wig and spoke about what I adored. I was like, if anyone wishes to see how I actually look, they all have to do is head to YouTube,” Lizzo mentioned through a Zoom dialog hosted by Dove to your newest Self-Esteem Project.


Hide. There is no shame. I simply post. It is like, you just take me as I’m. You do not need to appreciate me,” the celebrity lasted.

Lizzo say there is nothing to shame

Empowering, unedited nude photograph on Instagram before her conversation with the attractiveness giant Tuesday to inspire others to adopt their Photoshop- and filter-free selves.

For Lizzo, self-love wasn’t an option, it “was survival,” she clarified. “I will continue to dwell in the body and live within this system and also be joyful and really love life, I want to discover a way to enjoy myself. I had been body negative for quite a while.”


Focus on this “negative self-speak” she’d tell herself. “Many individuals are taught that human anatomy negativity is ordinary, right? I then became body confident, that’s the reverse of that. It is disruptive,” stated Lizzo. “I think what I say in my physique. However, to push this dialog ahead, we must reevaluate it”

Lizzo’s ultimate Aim is to nurture a World in which bodies of all sizes and shapes are approved and body favorable statements do not have to be large seconds ahead.

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It is only my body. When you visit it, maintain it pushing. Keep the exact same energy which you keep with the rest of the bodies you visit. That is what body invisibly actually means to me personally,” the singer explained. “I am here, do not say anything. It is my body”


Included in Lizzo’s venture with Dove, she is challenging the ever-present problem of photo manipulation. (Research in Dove’s Reverse Selfie movie found that 80 percent of women have implemented filters on their photographs by age 13.)


I recall waking up and needing to be somebody else, alter my entire body, change my eye colour, my hair feels, the shape of my own body along with also the colour of my skin,” Lizzo explained. “I did not have picture plotting or filters. It disturbs me to believe that today there’s a tool which truly cashes in on this insecurity also it makes it larger. It feeds the creature.”

Lizzo posted her body on Instagram

I had been after individuals before who I Thought were amazing and they had been society’s beauty regular. Looking at them made me have this need to edit or to alter or believe I was not worthy. I really don’t want 1 man’s attractiveness to reduce another,” she explained.


She Had the very first bikinis for fat women. I had been so excited. Like me, correct?’ I struck that follow button hard,” Lizzo continued. “That led me into the gorgeous world of girls who looked like me”

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