A sequel to Gerard Butler’s ‘Den of Thieves’ is reportedly in the works. The sequel is set to begin filming this spring and is slated to star Gerard Butler, who plays heist artist ‘Big Nick’ O’Brien. While it may not make as big a splash at the box office as its predecessor, the hard-boiled thriller boasts a solid cast and plenty of action.

The first film in the series followed Los Angeles police detective Big Nick O’Brien, who goes on a chase to catch ruthless bank robbers. In the first movie, the police chief is attempting to catch the thieves, who have managed to escape justice and have escaped the law. The sequel will follow Big Nick in his quest to track down the criminals.

The sequel is a big change of pace for Butler, who made his name with the first movie. While it sounds like a different film altogether, the second installment will continue the success of the first film. Although the film’s plot is largely unchanged from the first, the plot is likely to be similar, and there will be plenty of action and adventure in store.

Despite the sequel’s success, many fans are skeptical about the original. The upcoming sequel is set in Los Angeles, which means the cast will remain in Los Angeles. The actors will return to their roles, as well as other cast members. As the first film, the gangsters – Donnie – are still at large, but they are in the midst of a major heist.

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The sequel will follow Big Nick O’Brien and Donnie Jackson Jr. as the gangsters in the film. The story is not completely different from the first one, but there are a few minor changes. The second movie will be more focused on the Panther mafia and take place in Europe, which is a major source of diamonds.

The sequel to the award-winning heist movie will follow the same storyline as the first film. In the first movie, the gang, led by a charismatic leader, steals a large amount of gold. The second movie will also include a new gang of criminals. It will feature more of the same characters from the first. The storyline is a bit confusing, but it’s an entertaining one nonetheless.

The sequel to the acclaimed crime action movie Den of Thieves has been in the works for quite a while, and it will take place in France and Serbia. This film will feature Gerard Butler, Meadow Williams, and Swen Temmel, who also reprises the role in the first movie. The sequel will also feature Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as a producer.

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