Gemma Atkinson Murdered by Daughter's 'Pregnancy' Announcement at Nursery

The Strictly Come Dancing star recently shared pictures of her trip to Spain with daughter Mia. In the snaps, she gushed over the beauty of the country, including the Mediterranean Sea. It seems like she had a great time, but she soon got upset after her daughter’s ‘pregnancy’ announcement at nursery. The star’s c-section experience and her relationship with Gorka Marquez are all subjects that are still on the minds of many.

Gemma Atkinson’s acting career
Gemma Atkinson Murdered by Daughter's 'Pregnancy' Announcement at Nursery

Actress Gemma Atkinson, who recently announced her engagement to Strictly Come Dancing partner Gorka Marquez, has a one-year-old daughter called Mia. The two recently visited Bilbao, northern Spain, where they enjoyed the warm weather and were reunited with Gorka’s parents.

During a recent holiday, the star suffered a bug which caused her to rub her stomach. Her young daughter thought she was pregnant, but later revealed it was just a bug she had picked up on holiday. After discussing it with her husband, Mike told her that Mia was creative. In turn, Gemma reacted by telling her that the bug she caught while on holiday might have caused her to rub her tummy.

While Atkinson is not shy about sharing insight into her daughter’s life, she hasn’t been keen on showing fans into her baby’s bedroom. However, she did share a video of the newborn in her crib, which showed the actress in all-blue, a white crib and two dogs sniffing around her.

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Her c-section experience

The actress shared a hilarious clip of her daughter’s ‘pregnancy’ ‘announcing’ in the nursery and urged other women to be confident and strong. Her fans, who number nearly four thousand, agreed. She has since posted another video with the same message. Read on to find out why. Gemma Atkinson’s daughter, Mia, was revealed to be three months pregnant when her nursery ‘addressed’ her that she was pregnant.

A critical commentator questioned Atkinson’s decision to deliver her daughter via emergency c-section. Aside from the criticism that Atkinson was taking an easy way out, Atkinson says it’s important to remember that one in three births ends up in a c-section. A c-section can be a difficult delivery and is often necessary to ensure the health of both the mother and baby.

‘Momma Atkinson’s horrified face when her daughter announced she was pregnant was revealed on Instagram. She explained to her daughter that she had been ill with a bug while on holiday and she didn’t know the truth. Luckily, the couple were able to enjoy their holiday together and now await the return of Strictly’s third series.

Her relationship with Gorka Marquez

After her daughter’s ‘pregnancy’ announce at a toddler club, TV star Gemma Atkinson was left red-faced. The former Strictly Come Dancing star recently returned from a holiday to Spain with her fiance, Gorka Marquez. Thankfully, the reality star and her partner managed to get out and about in Bilbo, Spain, and enjoyed the sunny weather while visiting Gorka’s family and friends.

In a hilarious clip shared on Hits Radio UK’s official account, Gemma Atkinson is left horrified by her daughter’s ‘pregnancy’ news. Fans quickly took to Twitter to express their sympathy for the actress, stating that she is mortified by the incident. Gemma’s mum has since deleted the post.
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Although the birth of Mia wasn’t part of her original plan, Atkinson was forced to undergo a c-section. The experience was harrowing and Atkinson’s fetus was almost lost to blood. Fortunately, Atkinson is safe, but she’s still embarrassed about the mishap. In a post-mortem interview with Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4, Atkinson revealed that she’d had a c-section, which she later explained was the “easy way out” of childbirth.