The new Galaxy Z Flip 3 folds in half to become smaller. The new Galaxy Z Fold 3 opens up to make it larger, much like a tablet. The two latest additions to the Galaxy Z foldable line were announced at a virtual Unpacked event Wednesday.

Samsung demonstrated durability improvements to both the frame and body of the Galaxy Z foldable phones, as well as improvements to the folding screens. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the star of the show. It looks just like a normal stylish phone, but folds in half.

The original Z Flip is one of my favorite phones and is still the Android phone I carry when I’m between phone reviews. There are many improvements to the Z Flip 3, including a lower price, an upgraded design, and 2021 specifications. The Z Flip 3’s colors and price are what really reveal Samsung’s hopes for this perfectly square phone. The Z Flip 3 may be the first foldable phone that is marketed to a large audience and has a chance to live up to its hype.

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One of the biggest criticisms for foldable phones is that the prices are too high. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 improves on that by having a lower starting cost of $1,000 (PS949). This is $450 less than the Z Flip 5G. The Australian price for the Z Flip 3 was not disclosed, but it is roughly equivalent to AU$1,785. The Z Flip 3 is the same price as an iPhone 12 Pro or a Galaxy S21 Plus. However, the UK price converts to AU$1,785. The only other time I’ve seen a foldable phone at $1,000 is when the Motorola Razr with 5G was on sale for $400 off.