Frontier Airlines will rescind the COVID-19 recovery fees it charged customers

Frontier Airlines announced Wednesday that it will cancel a charge it had been charging customers recently in an attempt to “offset additional costs” related to the CoVID-19 pandemic.

Frontier Airlines announced that it had canceled its Covid Recovery Fee of $1.59 per passenger for each segment, which was introduced in May.” A Frontier spokesperson stated in a statement to Daily Reuters.

Frontier Airlines will rescind the COVID-19 recovery fees it charged customers

The airline included the charge in its total promoted fare, rather than an add-on fee. It was “designed to provide transparency” and clearly delineate how much of the fare went toward Covid-related business recover,” the spokesperson explained. To avoid misinterpretation, however, the airline will stop separating this category from its overall promoted airfares.”

Frontier’s website stated that some of the measures being charged were meant to be offset by “increased sanitation, cleaning onboard and in the airport”, shields at gate and ticket counters, as well as personal protective equipment for employees.

The airline industry, which suffered a slow recovery last year and continues losing money, has started to rebound as more Americans feel safer flying and restrictions are relaxed.

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The Transportation Security Administration announced two weeks ago that 2.03 million travelers were screened at airport checkpoints. This was the first screening since March 2020.

This was 74% less than the volume for the same day in 2019, but 1.5 million more than the same day last.