It’s possible that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s restrictions on Florida cruises may be invalidated, according to a Friday court judgment .

For the time being, Florida was granted a preliminary injunction which could leave restrictions on cruising to and from the state imposed from the CDC as discretionary guidance starting next month.

“This order finds that Florida is highly likely to prevail on the merits of the claim that CDC’s conditional sailing arrangement and the implementing orders exceed the authority delegated to CDC,” that the conclusion of the 124-page ruling issued by Judge Steven Merryday on Friday.

“Now, we’re securing this victory for Florida families, for the railroad industry, and for each nation that wants to maintain its rights in the face of unprecedented federal overreach,” DeSantis said.

The state of Florida filed a complaint against Xavier Becerra, secretary of Health and Human Services, at U.S. District Court in the Middle District of Florida’s Tampa Division, alleging that the CDC exceeded its jurisdiction in issuing its”Framework for Conditional Sailing Order,” published in October.

Florida has also instituted a ban on vaccine passports, preventing businesses, such as cruise lines, from requiring patrons to show proof of vaccination prior to entry. The ban goes into effect on July 1, though it’s also outlined within an executive order from DeSantis.

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That ban is in conflict with the CDC’s cruise regulations, which require ships to take a particular threshold of vaccinated passengers to rail in U.S. waters without even running test aisles.

As a result of the ruling, it is possible that the CDC’s”Conditional Sailing Order” will become just a recommendation instead of rule in Florida on July 18. Nevertheless, through July 2, the CDC has the opportunity to suggest a narrower injunction until July 2.