Five Key Sleeper Shortstops to Target Late in Drafts

Fantasy Baseball Five key sleeper shortstops to target late in drafts

A quick look at the results of the last three years of your league can help you make an informed decision. If you want to finish in the top four in any category, know how many home runs are required and tailor your draft accordingly. For example, 250 home runs is usually good for fourth place, but if the projected totals are 270, you should consider drafting a stolen base specialist.

Kyle Seager: Another player who’s being drafted late in drafts is the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Kyler Murray. The rookie could make the team out of Spring Training. His defensive skills have improved dramatically since last season, and his bat is more consistent than his average runner. He may not be as explosive as Jeter, but he should provide a steady stream of offense.

Paul Goldschmidt: The veteran outfielder showed an unexpected burst of speed this year and has already reached 210 RBIs with 12 stolen bases. Even though he’s 34 years old, Goldschmidt has been consistently producing at the top of his career and is a good bench depth option. At only $29 million, he’s worth the risk if you’re looking for a long-term player with a huge upside.

David Dahl has long struggled with injuries, but his fast-footed plate skills have led him to a stellar career. While he’s a reliable base runner, he has a low BABIP versus left-handed pitchers and has never shown much power. His value comes from his reliability, but he’s a bit more expensive than he’s worth.

Derek Jeter is a top pick this year, with a modest batting average of.386 and a.319/.234 slugging potential. However, a strong season can also be a year with multiple breakouts. As a result, Rasmus could have a breakout season this season. As a result, he should be a top-five outfielder this year.

Ryan Grossman is a top-tier closer who could hit for power and reach the top half of your draft with his speed and agility. He is also a top-tier fantasy baseball player, as he topped the Triples in sprint speed and had a 3.14 ERA. While he’s not the fastest player on the field, he is an excellent option for a late-round shortstop.

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Rizzo is a free agent, so his price is on the rise. He is a great option to add if you need to fill a spot with a high-level shortstop. He has a strong career. In addition to his power, Rizzo is a good option for your catcher in the catcher’s position. He is one of the best options at his position and should be added in your fantasy baseball lineup if he gets a good home run-stealing rate.