The 2018 Baseball Prospectus Standings Projection Features a Surprising LA Angels Team

The 2018 Baseball Prospectus standings projection features a surprising LA team. The Angels, who were a mess a year ago, are now considered legitimate contenders in the AL West. The lineup has been bolstered by Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon, and it is projected to score 5.14 runs per game, the second-best in the AL. However, they must deliver on the hype surrounding Shohei Ohtani in order to reach their potential.

Baseball Prospectus standings projection features shocking LA Angels

The new rankings were released by Baseball Prospectus in its latest PECOTA standings projection, which has a high degree of accuracy. Despite their recent update, the team’s final standings are still a bit of a mystery. While the LA Angels were a surprise, they are a solid team with a strong core. They are predicted to finish fifth in the NL West.

The Dodgers are projected to win the NL East for the first time since 2015. The club made a blockbuster trade for Francisco Lindor and signed James McCann this offseason. While their prospects have struggled and lacked success in recent seasons, their PECOTA projections have them cruising through the NL East with a lead over their nearest rival as big as any division.

The Astros will win the AL West this year. While the Mariners and Rangers are struggling and will be remade, the Angels are projected to win 73 games and compete for a postseason spot. The team is a disappointment after the high expectations it created last season. The A’s will be the next to fall out of the playoffs. The Los Angeles Angels are a glaring anomaly in the standings, and this is a reason why their season has been a complete mess.

The Angels are projected to win 88 games this year, which is good news compared to the Astros, but also a shocking number for the Angels. The Los Angeles Angels have never won more than 87 games, and their projections have been very high over the last seven years. With the new Astros’ impressive pitching staff and improved statistics, Baseball Prospectus’ standings projection for the Angels will be more accurate than ever.

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A surprising LA Angels season is possible, thanks to the strong pitching staff. The Angels are projected to win 77 games this year, while the Orioles, meanwhile, are projected to win 78. Both teams are still in good shape, with the Orioles predicting a 79-win season. They would have to lose a few games in order to make the playoffs.