Firefighters in Tennessee needed to help bust a 2-year-old boy from a classic wooden barrel once he climbed in and got stuck in a single over the weekend.

Dorian Strubing, who turns 3 in July, wedged himself from the barrel Saturday night, while his family was completing dinner several feet away, his daddy, Lance Strubing told CNN.
“He was playing like he does,” Strubing said. “He then peacefully goes’Help, please.’ Because he is stuck and he could not escape.” Dorian was not in any pain, but he had managed to squat in the barrel and then could not straighten his legs to find his father said.

“I tried putting something on its own side, attempting for him to change his thighs and whatnot, but we simply could not get out him.”
They shot him into the emergency room in Portland, Tennessee, also called ahead to let employees know they had been on the road.
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Dorian stayed very calm throughout the ordeal and wrapped on a fuzzy, stuffed keep the hospital . Hospital staff attracted Dorian directly in and began working to spare him. They shot X-Rays of this barrel to learn how he had been positioned.The team from Portland Fire Department Engine two took Dorian out to eliminate him by the barrel, as per a post on the section Facebook webpage .
Strubing said that they believed with the jaws of life to spare Dorian, however they could not get a fantastic grip on the barrel. Rather, they cut on the barrel using a power saw, and so that they can then repaint the floor with screwdrivers and hammers.
Kelly Strubing, Dorian’s mother, said she had been quite worried — but the firefighters did a fantastic job and never came close to clipping Dorian.

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“When his toes managed to be published via the base of the barrel and I pulled him out it was pure relief!” She explained. “He simply clung to mepersonally, it was the best hug I have ever gotten and I will never forget that moment.” Dorian was in the barrel for approximately two hours from the time that he got liberated, his father said.Dorian obtained an ice soda and a checkup, and his parents requested that the firefighters and everybody in the emergency room to signal the barrel to get him.
They are keeping it in the garage since it’s going to be a wonderful keepsake for him if he gets old.
“Each time he runs , he moves’barrel stuck'” His father said.