Almost half of women say they’ve experienced more anxiety throughout the pandemic, according to a new survey published on Wednesday. Six-in-ten girls said the pandemic has had a negative effect on their general stress levels.

The survey discovered that anxieties and concerns concerning the consequences of COVID-19 are a prime source of the strain felt by girls. Results demonstrate that 66% of women experienced worry or concern regarding the effect of COVID-19 in their family’s or friends’ health. Sixty percent of girls were worried about the effect of the virus in their own wellbeing, and 49 percent were concerned about the pandemic’s effect in their household’s financial situation.

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The survey concluded that”the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified levels of tension and anxiety among girls, with mothers and practitioners most profoundly affected,” according to a media release in CVS.

The survey also discovered that girls were more likely to agree that they often don’t prioritize their particular mental health since they’re focused on caring for others compared to males, at 45 percent to 38 percent.