Ferne McCann's Mum Guilt Over Missing Arthur's First Birthday Party

Ferne McCann’s ‘inappropriate’ choice of music for her son Arthur’s first birthday party has left her feeling mum guilt. She is also dealing with the aftermath of her ex’s sentencing and the fact that she’s still searching for ‘true love.

Ferne McCann’s mum’s guilt

Ferne McCann has faced mum guilt ever since she left her toddler alone for work in Preston and drove back to her home in Essex to celebrate Sunday’s birthday. Ferne has since spoken out publicly and apologized for missing her daughter’s birthday. In April 2017, the father of Sunday had poured corrosive acid on the dance floor at the Mangle E8 nightclub in Dalston. The man is currently serving 20 years for the attack.

Ferne McCann has recently revealed that she has enjoyed ‘flirting’ in the past few weeks and is looking for true love. Following her split from her ex-husband Arthur Collins, Ferne revealed that she was now ready to find love again.

Ferne also opened up about her relationship with Charlie Brown. The two were rumored to be dating in October and Ferne denied rumors of a tryst. The TV personality also denied wearing any lingerie in pap photos. However, she did admit to going without knickers while out with Charlie. Ferne even hid her ears when discussing Charlie with Sunday, which left her feeling guilty.

The new mum has had a tough time handling her new role as a single mum and is now experiencing mum guilt. Her ex-husband Arthur Collins was involved in an acid attack at a nightclub, leaving Ferne in a compromising position. Luckily, Sunday’s birthday was a happy one, as she finally got to see some of her friends. Ferne has also arranged a party that includes all her former TOWIE friends.

Her ‘inappropriate’ song choice for Sunday’s first birthday party

Ferne McCann’s mum’s guilt over missing Sunday’s first birthday party is real, and she’s not the only one feeling it. Former TOWIE stars, including James ‘Arg’ Argent, were in attendance for the occasion. They spoiled the birthday girl with gifts and sang her a birthday song.

Ferne McCann is a working mother who feels “mum guilt” after leaving her baby girl to go to work. She had left her daughter to go to work in Preston and then drove back home to Essex. She later managed to catch up with her daughter’s swimming lesson but said she was “still feeling mum guilt” about missing Sunday’s birthday party.

Ferne also hit out at Zara McDermott for claiming that she secretly messaged Charlie Brake. She was annoyed by Zara McDermott’s comments on Twitter. She later admitted that Charlie had sent her flowers, but said she wasn’t at the birthday party.

Ferne’s daughter Sunday celebrated her birthday in style, throwing two parties. The first party was a Trolls-themed party, and her mum had even hired a character to wear. Ferne sported a white off-shoulder shirt and blue jeans.

Ferne has been filming the show from her pregnancy on, and Sunday has grown accustomed to life with a camera in her face. She has also been filmed with the help of a Pom-Bear, a fitness teddy-like device for babies, which encourages parents to get outside and exercise more often.

Her ex Arthur Collins’ sentencing

Ferne McCann’s mum’s guilt over missing Sunday’s birthday has hit her to the core. Ferne left her toddler on Sunday to go to work in Preston, then drove back to Essex to take her daughter to her swimming lesson. As a single mum, Ferne felt particularly guilty.

Ferne gave birth to her daughter Sunday in November last year but returned to work soon afterward. After her ex, Arthur Collins was found guilty of an acid attack, she was left to raise her daughter on her own. Her ex-husband was sentenced to 20 years in jail after being convicted of the crime. Ferne had no choice but to return to work after the birth of her baby, so she has been battling the guilt of missing her daughter’s birthday.

The two have since split up. However, Ferne has continued to share her romance on her TV show. She is currently based in New York City, where she works. She has recently moved to the Big Apple to pursue her career. Her ex, Arthur Collins, was jailed for 20 years and was ordered to serve five years on license.

Ferne’s mum’s guilt is particularly evident in an episode where she accidentally swears and spills something on her new hob. Her daughter, Sunday, meanwhile, was in tears over the incident and she had to console her to get through the evening.

Ferne McCann’s mum’s guilt is understandable as she has been away from home for the past few days with her daughter. However, she still managed to look gorgeous on Sunday as she headed to the beach with her family in Brentwood, Essex. She wore a chic black coat over a navy one-piece dress and white trainers.

Her desire to find a ‘true love’

Ferne McCann has spoken out about her desire to find ‘true’ love and reveals that she is ‘excited’ to be getting back into a relationship. After her split with Arthur Collins, Ferne has been dating other men. She previously dated model Jordan and Love Island 2018 contestant Charlie Brake, but recently told fans she is now ready to get back into a relationship. Ferne is ready to move on from the traumatic experience of her relationship with Arthur.

Ferne McCann’s ‘true love has always been a hot topic in the media. Although she has had a successful career as a model, she has been a major player in the television industry. She broke into the industry by winning the Miss Essex competition and rose to stardom after appearing on ‘The Only Way Is Essex’.

Ferne McCann spent most of 2019 single, having broken up with her boyfriend Albie Gibbs last May. However, she recently shared a photo of herself and her new partner, Jack Padgett, in South Africa. Despite this, Ferne has not yet made the Instagram relationship official but has said that she isn’t ready to be single.

Ferne McCann had two previous relationships before she rose to fame on TOWIE. Before she joined the show, she was dating Charlie Sims. Afterward, she split up with him and dated Dan Osborne for a short period.

Ferne McCann, a single working mum, has been in the news a few times over her recent romances. Her first relationship with TOWIE actor Charlie Sims ended in a breakup after they fought over a man. Arthur Collins was later jailed for carrying out a horrific acid attack at a nightclub. She gave birth to her daughter Sunday in November 2017 and documented her life as a single mother on an ITVBe reality show.