Fashion Entrepreneur Brittany Moore Making it to the Industry


Young businesswoman Brittany Moore has a unique background. Her family is from the Jersey Shore. On Bangs Avenue, Brittany went to both elementary and primary school. She competed in the events held in the middle and high schools in Asbury Park. She is the fifth oldest out of seven siblings.

There were two grandparents, and two grandfathers, one of them had passed away. At this point, neither of her parents has been found. To support her family and those who are less fortunate, she is taking a risk by starting her own business. She always expresses her gratitude to her guardian angels for protecting her. She has four nieces and six nephews.

She is an entrepreneur who hopes to improve my life and those in her neighborhood. Her life’s goal is to gain a deeper grasp of the world around her.

Beginning of her career with Brand ‘vision life.’

Even though she was still living with her grandmother in 2018, she started working for Vision Life. She discussed the issue with her mother and her brother’s girlfriend as she sat at her table. She took a scrap of paper and wrote ‘vision life’ in italics. In her mind, she pondered the possibility that this would one day serve as the name of her record label.

As a result, we learn after she has said it aloud to herself. She asked her mother and her brother’s girlfriend what they thought of the new name, and both gave her a look that indicated they liked it. They told you they felt it was a wonderful idea and encouraged you to act on it.

Conveying the message to other people with her brand

Her brand’s message is one of inspiration; it is aimed at people who, like her, have a clear mental picture of what they want their business to look like and who aren’t afraid to put in a lot of effort to make it a reality. This message encourages people to strive daily to achieve their goals. She puts a lot of emphasis on the name’s meaning since She hopes everyone in the world achieves whatever goals they set for themselves.

Her logo is quite appealing. It’s for people to pursue their dreams as they visualize everything and have that mental image. That encourages people to pursue their goals daily, never to give up, and to achieve success.

The success of the brand

Her brand’s modest success started with shirts, tracksuits, coats, and caps, but it has since grown to include a lot more items. She decided to move forward and agreed not to turn around this time.

Advice for young youth

Younger generation members are urged on: Observe what fascinates you. Don’t let anyone use their influence to stop you from living your life how you want to. Instead of giving in to your misery, you can utilize it as motivation to work harder.

Future ambitions

Her goals for the near future include expanding her current business and being more involved in the neighborhood. Change occupations and get into the modeling business while also becoming a nurse. Regardless of your situation, you can do anything if you set your mind to it. We hope you can stay focused and know that we care about you.