Superintendent of Police

SP is also called Superintendent of Police. An SP is another title used for a non-metropolitan police force. The Superintendent of Police works either with State Police Service. They also function with the DSP or Deputy Superintendent of Police or ASP, i.e., Assistant Superintendent. This article is all about the things that everyone should know about SP certifications.

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What are the functions of the Superintendent of Police?

An SP or Superintendent of Police is responsible for a lot of functions. The main responsibilities of an SP are as below.

  • An SP is responsible for enhancing and preserving cops and public connections.
  • An SP creates the best relationships with different authorities, magistrates, and the rest of the people.
  • An SP is responsible for accounting for the techniques of the maintenance of law enforcement agency.
  • An SP ensures the functions of a law enforcement agencies for different discoveries and crimes.
  • An SP is responsible for carrying out checks in headquarters to bring participation and alertness to the police station staff members.
  • An SP is responsible for overseeing the examination and criminal activities in scenarios of robberies, murder, and rioting.
  • The SP is responsible for seeing the police enforcement and its effectiveness under the commands related to the prevention, detection, and investigation of crimes.
  • An SP office ensures the honesty and integrity of police officers and their training with the rest of the police personnel.
  • An SP is in charge of transferring police officers from one police station to another police station.
  • In highway robberies and murders, an SP is designated to visit and supervise the crime spot.

How to be an SP?

The candidates have to appear on the UPSP CSAT test and give the exam results with flying colors. Initially, you can take a start from the position of an ACP or DSP, and you can become SP after getting sufficient experience.

The candidates must pass the SPSC examination. SPSC or State Public Service Commission examination is quite important to pass. The candidates can become DSPs after passing the examination.

The candidates can take start as a sub-inspector in a police department. They can get promotions to the seats of Superintendent.

What are the physical fitness criteria for the post of an SP?

You might be interested in knowing the physical fitness criteria of a superintendent of Police. A person must have some physical and mental fitness to become a Police Superintendent.

  • You need to be mentally and physically fit to become an SP.
  • Men must have a minimum of 165cm of height.
  • Women must have a minimum of 150cm of height.
  • Male candidates must have a chest of 84cm.

The selection criteria for Superintendent of Police

The UPSC and The State Public Service Commission are responsible for holding the SP examination. It is a tough examination. This examination comprises three parts, the main examination, a Preliminary examination, and an interview.

·       Preliminary examination

The preliminary examination is an important part of the SP exam. This examination comprises two question papers, and you have to give answers to the questions. These questions comprise 200 scores. The time given to solve the exam is two hours. After you pass the examination, you will be qualified for the examination.

·       Main examination

The successful applicants are qualified for the second examination for writing the main examination. The main examination comprises 6 papers. English paper comprises 300 marks, general studies of 300 marks, Indian language comprises 300 marks, and essay writing comprises 200 marks.

·       Marks and subjects

People have been asking about the marks and subjects that they have to get to become an SP in India. The subjects and their points are listed below.

  • This exam has 150 points for general Hindi.
  • This exam has 150 points for an essay.
  • Paper 1 of the general study has 200 points.
  • 200 points are held for paper 2 of the general study paper.
  • The general study paper 3 comprises 200 marks.
  • The general study paper 4 comprises 200 marks.

After passing the main examination and the second step of the SP examination, the candidates are invited for an interview. The interview is held by the commission. You have to appear first in front of the committee that is set for an interview. You get 250 points if you are successful in this exam. Passing the interview makes you eligible for becoming an SP. You will get the appointment letter for the occupation of Superintendent of Police or SP.

What’s salary of a Superintendent of Police?

People have been asking about the salaries of SP. The SP gets a higher salary. In India, the average salary of an SP ranges between 15000 to 40000 Rs every month. They are also more likely to get additional benefits, including training, feeding, transportation, and accommodation.


1.     What’s full form of SP?

People ask the sp full form. SP stands for Superintendent of Police.

2.     What’s full form of DSP?

DSP is used as a short form for Deputy Superintendent of Police.

3.     Which rank is higher? DSP or SP?

The SP is the higher rank as compared to DSP as a DSP works under the commands of an SP.

4.     Which rank is higher? ACP or SP?

Again, the Superintendent of Police or SP is higher than ACP.

The bottom line

These are the most significant things that you need to know about SP. These points are enough to conclude that an SP is a great position to achieve. All you need is to focus on the things to get the best SP certifications. We hope that these points are enough to answer your queries regarding SP certification. All you need is to show your dedication and work hard to get the SP certification.