Olivia Rodrigo’s second album is a massive step up from her debut album, which went gold. But the young singer is not without criticism. Her debut single, “Drivers License,” reached the top of the charts and she has since become a household name. She even performed on Saturday Night Live. While her songs may not be as mature as her previous ones, they are still enjoyable.

She’s been teasing fans on social media for months, and it’s hard not to be excited. The new songs are filled with promise, and it’s easy to see why the artist is confident about her next release. Her first album featured breakup songs and was a smash hit. But the sophomore album has more to offer than just breakup songs. The pop star’s personal struggles are reflected in the lyrics and production.

Rodrigo’s musical career is a natural extension of her acting background. While the album’s tracks are largely about adolescence, the album is full of references to other Gen Z stars. The song “High School Musical: The Series” has been a sleeper hit on Disney Plus. The music has a slew of references to other Gen Z celebrities and the TikTok trend.

The new album will include four new songs, including a collaboration with Yungblud and Silk Sonic. The song “Leave the Door Open” by the latter two has already topped the Billboard Hot 100. As of August 20, it will be available on vinyl everywhere. The first single, “Drivers License,” is a tearjerker about a recent breakup. The song’s lyrics describe the girl’s regret over a broken relationship and her ex’s ability to move on. The second single, “Deja Vu,” has already made the rounds on TikTok and is already making waves on radio.

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Despite her Disney and pop star status, the pop star’s debut album, Sour, has been met with much adolescent emotion. Whether she’s singing about a romantic relationship, or about a girl’s desire for a boyfriend, the album is full of emotions. The songs are infused with a range of influences, making it difficult for her to pinpoint a true identity.

The singer has released two full albums in the span of just one year. While both albums were a huge success, her second album, Sour, has already received critical acclaim. It’s currently at number two in the charts. As with her debut, it has been a surprise. However, it’s a sign that Rodrigo is still working on her new album.