EU antitrust officials are Exploring Google's vast Advertising business

Even the European Union has launched an antitrust investigation into Google’s vast marketing business, asserting that the business might have disadvantaged rival providers, making it more challenging for manufacturers to reach customers and for publishers to finance their own content.

EU antitrust officials are Exploring Google's vast Advertising business

The proper evaluation, which follows preliminary research that started in 2019, will analyze whether Google (GOOGL) is distorting competition by restricting access to consumer information for promotional purposes while reserving this information for its own use, the European Commission said on Tuesday.
“Google gathers data to be used for targeted marketing functions, it sells advertising space and acts as an internet advertising intermediary. So Google is present at virtually all levels of the distribution chain for online display advertisements,” EU chief antitrust official Margrethe Vestager stated in a statement.
“We’re worried that Google has made it tougher for rival online marketing services to compete at the so-called advertising tech heap”
A Google spokesperson stated that the firm would participate with the European Commission” to answer their own queries and demonstrate the advantages of their products to European companies and customers.”

Google is facing many cases in the USA, including one due to the national government, which accuses the business of managing an illegal monopoly in the markets for internet search and search advertisements.


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